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01 vw new beetle front or wheel drive?

rear hump in floor

03 wrangler won't start. battery, starter, ignition switch ok. turn key, starter won't engage?

Jeep was running fine. Turned the jeep off and over to accessory. When I tried to start the engine the instrument panel lit up as normal, it beeped four times as usual but starter would not engage. There was no sound at all. I used a screw driver to jump across the solenoid and the starter engaged. The battery had full charge on it. I even put a new ignition switch in and still nothing. The old switch had been giving me problems so changing it was needed anyway.

05 Honda Accord Radio Problems?


I got a 05 honda accord and im having problems with my radio/cd player. CD play doesn't work at all but radio works fine for a couple days then it dies, but when i disconnect my battery and connect it again just the radio works again for couple days and it keeps doing that?? any1 knows what the problem is?

05 Altima problem(s) (Dealer screwed my car)?

I have an 05 Altima SE that was running good up until about a month ago when the battery and brake light would intermittently come on. I took it to a Nissan dealer to have the alternator and battery tested. By the time I got there, the lights were off, and he ran a diagnostic on the battery and alt and said that it tested good.

Last week, the brake and battery lights come on again, and a few minutes later the day dies and would not start. I have it towed to the dealer, it sits overnight and they tell me it starts the next day.

02 Kia sportage won't start unless I hold the peddle to the floor, hold light is flashing on the dash?

02 Kia will not start unless I hold the peddle to the floor and the hold light is flashing on the dash. Fuel filter was replaced... Timing belt was replaced about a month ago. When it does finally start I will run really ruff and thats still with the peddle to the floor... It won't idle dies

08 Pontiac g6 gt, replacing the radiator?

iv ordered the replacement radiator for my 08 pontiac g6 gt, now i have a few questions b4 it arrives. if anyone could link a step by step walk through on these that would also be very helpful, but my question is this. What size wrench do i need to remove the transmission lines from the coolant system my kit is missing several large wrenches and id prefer not to buy an entire kit to get the one i need to complete this 1 task lol

00 Jeep Cherokee, Oil Pressure?

The oil pressure guage is Burried at 80 PSI

04 Jeep wrangler Manual difficult to get in gear?

Hello, i have a 2.4L 2004 wrangler and lately it has been difficult to get into a gear when completely stationary, i have to go to 3rd or 4th before going to 1st. it works just fine when its rolling. Also, if the vehicle is off it shifts into all gear just fine. This has me very confused because the car will roll on the slightest hill so i know the clutch is engaging , there is zero grinding so i wouldnt think it would be a syncro. Anyone have any advice?

03 civic si k20a3 with 165k what oil type and weight should i use?

I just bought my 03 civic si hatch with 165k (k20a3)and i notice the its ready for an oil change and i been searching for the correct oil weight some say 10w-30 other say go with 5w-20 i dont know what to use , i checked the level in the dipstick and it was kind of low and i topped off with left over of 10w-30 valvoline durablend is a synthetic blend and i notice a differense in acceleration a little more slow but more torque and my MPG droped too. i want to use straight synthetic and i dont know what kind of weight to go with since is 165k miles in the car.

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