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1985 Corvette headlight issues?

my 85 Corvette's passenger side headlight isnt working right. it will open but when it closes it sounds like the motor keeps turning and grinding. i thought this mightve been a problem in the relay not telling the motor to stop turning but i switched the relays for left and right headlights and the right one still wasnt working right so if its not the relay then what is it?

1998 subaru legacy 2.2?

i have a 1995 subaru legacy 2.2 engine computer would the engine computer work for a 1998 subaru legacy 2.2

1996 Dodge Cummins diesel- what would cause the fuel primer plunger to not bring up fuel?

Believed to have run out of fuel at 475 miles (fuel guage inop.) Dropped fuel filter (empty), filled with diesel, cranked, would not fire. Opened to bleed at injector and injector pump, no fuel at injector. Added 10 gallons, primer seems to not respond. Pumped it over 100 times, nothing. Dropped tank, changed fuel sending unit with another, believed but not known to be good. In KOEO, both sending units unresponsive. What is required in order for the primer plunger to bring up fuel? Does the sending unit have to be intact, does the ring that secures it to the tank have to be tight?

1997 jetta gt: Power loss?

I have a '97 jetta gt that i've been driving for a while, it's been driving alright besides not keeping engaged in 4th on occasion.

Recently however the engine has been shaking, almost chugging and not allowing me to accelerate. Yesterday, while my car was in the parking lot the alarm randomly went off on its own, and when I came back to it the alarm sensor (red light) was no longer blinking like normal. Just a couple minutes after I left my school my car made it down the road before chugging slowly to a stop and turning off. I turned it back on to pull over and it barely started up.

1999 Saab 9-5 SE trunk wont open via key fob?

They only way i can currently unlock my car is by using the key. This is annoying because i have to turn my car off every time i go to unlock the trunk. Now, when i press the trunk unlock button on my fob, the lights flash on my car and it makes a sliding noise as if it is trying to pull open the trunk, yet it does not open. I'm positive it is an issue with the trunk itself, since the car reacts in such a way. I want to know if anyone has any idea what might be the issue, and if their are any steps i can take to fix it?

10inch or 12inch subwoofer?

Does 12 inch subwoofer are that much better than 10inch yea I know it has more surface cone so there for it will be lil louder than a 10inch but r they Rly a big diff?

1993 Toyota Pickup help.?

I posted this earlier today and forgot to add some important details on the truck.
I need a winter car and something to haul around my mountain bike and snowboard. Im looking at a 93 toyota pickup standard cab DLX. The truck has almost 0 rust. It has 200k on the body and the engine is a replaced toyota engine that was put in at 170k. It has a new clutch, injectors, radiator and a bunch of other nice new items. It has original black paint in very nice condition other then a few dings here and there. It was owned by a toyota mechanic so it was very well maintained.

13" MacBook Pro vs 15"?

I've never had a Mac before and am looking to get one for Christmas. I don't know much about computers so i'm not sure which would be the better option. I am going to be traveling a lot in the future and going to college so I want something that I can transport easily. I'm not really sure the differences between the two computers besides screen size and price so I would love some input. Thanks!

1956 oldsmobile bumpers?

will a 54 or a 55 fit or any other auto ?

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