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1991 Mitsubishi Lancer Ignition Problem?

Yes I know my car is already 21 years old. But it was handed over to me as my first car so it's fine. The problem now is that whenever I turn off my engine and leave it for more than 15 minutes, then come back to start the car again, it won't start no more. I have to wait for about an hour and a half for it to start again. Yes it starts if it was left for an hour and a half, i think it's cooling down. But it's not the way it supposed to be. It has full battery and it makes the ignition sounds when i turn the key to start. But it won't start.

1996 Mercedes C 280 idles too low?

And the motor starts to shake it is fine in neutral but when you put it into gear it will do it and if you have the air on some times it will even stall is there apart i can change to fix this

1995 ford f150 300six 5 speed?

On Craigs List What is that??? Right top photo.

1st pic in green or 2nd pic in white who has better facial features? honest..nd just face not style etc?

in the first pic the guy in the green or the one in the 2nd pic in the white..nd plz give ur reasons thnx..nd im only talking abt face[who has a more charming face]

1000 watt or 1200 watt PSU is an Overkill for my Rig?

My Specs:
Mobo:Sabertooth X58
Processor:Intel Core i7 960 @ stock clock (H/T enabled)
GPU: Sli Msi GTX 570 OC Edition
Ram:12Gb Corsair Vengeance @ Stock clock 1600 Mhz
HDD: 3x (3tb) Western Digital Blue Caviar Sata III
Case:Silverstone RV02

This is a new rig but I'm starting to experience a random shutdown due to power issue.When I play BF3 at maxed setting,it will shutdown for about 5-10 mins except browsing the internet.I'm currently using Thermaltake TR2 1000 watt PSU which I bought 6 months ago tand I just used it today because it took me a couple of months to gather the all the parts.

1994 Jetta III GL distributor cap?

Ok so i took off the distributor cap on my jetta and went to put it back on and it wouldnt go back on the right way so i got mad and ripped it out. After calming down i plugged back in all the wires to where they were and noticed that one of the wires that goes into the dis. cap had broken the plastic out, so i put it back in like a puzzle peice and there is a crack around the whole part where the wire comes in. Anyways i still cant get it back in there so both clamps hold it in i can only get one clamp to click. wtf is wrong with this POS jetta?

1995 Honda Civic , 1994 Honda Accord or 1996 Nissan Maxima?

Hi Guys Im 18 and im about to buy my first car but I don't which to choose. I would like to know which of this cars ive choose is the best car. I wanna know which is the fastest. Ive choose the civc and maxima because they were on fast and furious and ive chose the accord because my girlfriends mom has a very nice one. I basically wanna know which is the fastest and which is the easiest to customize,

10 Points to Best Answer. Does anyone know when this poem was written?"the+lion,+ruler+over+all+the+beasts"&source=bl&ots=hr48JB3RaF&sig=U7La7lPjlljF-tDn7se06-93-h8&hl=en&ei=pRKyTqanBKX8iQLylORz&sa=

Go to page 100.
Even just a reasonable guess would be fine.

1989 Ford Ranger- Temp. Gauge Fluctuations?

My '89 Ranger's temp. gauge has been fluctuating ever since the water pump went out. I have replaced the water pump and there are no leaks. I flushed and topped of the cooling system with antifreeze. I was thinking that it was just an air pocket in the radiator but after runnig it and then refilling i have ruled that out also. Any help is appreciated.

17th century slang? any links or websites?

any links or website on 17th century slangs?

like "oh my god" or "we're just chillin'" ya know, stuff like that.

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