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1994 Chevy Silverado Bumper years?

I just bent up my 1994 Chevy Silverado's front bumper. Im looking to buy one used out of a wrecking yard but i'm not quite sure what years of Silverado's have interchangeable bumpers/parts?

1980 Camaro daily driver in Michigan?

Right now I am looking at a 1980 camaro; 400 smallblock, 4 speed manual, how are these cars in winter weather I understand that it is a rear wheel drive which I don't have a problem with, but is it a car that can withstand the rigors of winter time driving? I do understand that a 400 is not going to be a gas saver by any means, but I'm driving 2 miles a day to work and back, and anything else is within 4 miles of my home, all on paved city streets.

1995 Volkswagen Cabrio won't start after replacing the old battery?

The old battery has been replaced with a brand-new battery. I started the car but it won't run. I'm sure I connected it right. Any idea why it won't work??
the dashboard lights are on, everything else works. Full tank but won't start.

185/65/R15 tires for Mazda 3 2007 2.0 Hatchback?

The stock tyres are either P205/50R17 (which i currently have) or P195/65R15. I have a spare tyres but they are P185/65R15 (195 against 185). Can i put them on and does it have any potential risks?

1999 Pontiac Bonneville Maintenance ?

I bought a 1999 Pontiac Bonneville from my uncle and sad to say he is not car savvy at all and he barely maintained the car. I think he got scheduled oil changed and tuneups when he first bought it (he bought it new) but in the past few years no work has been done to it. I am driving my car from Delaware to North Dakota and I need to know EVERYTHING to check before I go out. I am not flying or renting a car because I will be living out there.

1969 Buick Riviera MPG/430 engine?

Im am about to buy a 1969 buick riviera. It has a rebuilt 430 engine 67k miles. I want to know the mpg of it. To see if i can afford the costs.

1989 F150 constant whining noise?

I have a 1989 F150 with a I6 300. I noticed the otherday it had a whine to it. Replaced the serpentine didn't help. Tryed all the pullys thought it was the smog pump, didn't help. I have been looking around at what it could be online and it sounds like it could be a leaky intake manfold, which makes sence since I just replaced my valve cover gasket and had to use make a gasket for the intake.

10 Facts about Che Guevara.?

I need 10 good facts about Che Guevara, REAL FACTS. Make them Good and true facts, not your opinion but facts about HIM. THANK YOU,LOVE U

10 billion pts to the best answer?

If there was a dinosaur named James, and he was really lonely, would you be his friend? He only eats people who are mean to him so you don't have to worry about that....

That was a fake question.

If you can answer this or come close to answering this, then you will be close to answering this question that is a tough question to answer but if you do answer it you will get 1 billion pts. If you do not answer this question, then you will be cursed. You will be given the curse of stubbing your toe on every solid surface you encounter.

1992 Nissan 300zx dipstick?

i just got the car, where is the transmission and oil dipstick located? which dipstick is the one closest to the master cylinder and brake booster??

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