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1970 boss mustang 302?

what car is similar in car parts to the 1970 boss mustang?
i have a boss mustang 1970 and i need to find parts for it. I would like to first get parts from old cars and then when i have no other choice buy new parts.
also a list and year of the cars that have similar parts to the mustang would help greatly thank you

1997 nash travel trailer water heater?

The water heater in my camper comes on but the water gets only lukewarm. I am unable to use the reset button for a couple of hours after wards. What could be causing this and how do I fix it? I live in the camper and need to shower. It was working just last week.

1997 Ford Expedition running rough?

I've checked this vehicle out... When I unplug the Vacuum line from the Egr the truck runs way better. i replaced the Egr and it's still running the same. Check engine light says, Egr flow insufficient, Bank 1 system too lean,Fuel tank Vent hose Problem,Cyl 5 misfire, Multiple misfire detected on start up,
. The thing that gets me is how much better it runs with the egr vacuum off. Because it sounded like there was a sufficient vacuum leak at the EGR it self. Figured the diaphragm was bad.
But after replacing it the same problem exists....if the vacuum line is plugged to it....
Any Ideas?

1995 integra ls header replacement?

how involved is it going to be? i need to replace the header on my integra. i have basic knowledge of mechanics, but if i have to rip out a bunch of things just to get to it, i might just take it in to a professional.

150cc scooter electric starter troubles?

the starter motor wont turn over despite the fact that there is charge in the battery, a loud buzzing noise comes from the solenoid. I replaced it today but it still gives the same problem. Could it possibly be the starter itself or the cdi?

1996 Maxima low rpm...?? :/?

i have a 1996 Maxima and the rpm is pretty low. its a 5-speed. the car is taken care of very well. the rpm goes down all the way to almost 500rpm in idle. i dont have a clue why its so low. the stock intake filter has the mass airflow sensor on the end before the filter box and the rpm was still low. but the box has been replaced with K&N filter and still same low rpm. what could be the issue??

1979 datsun 280zx running problem?

i get spark and fuel to the rail but wont turn over . what would it be . fuel injectors are reading 12v 9-10 while cranking

1996 Maxima hard to start?? Cranks forever...?

when the car hasn't been on for a while, it takes forever to start. it cranks and cranks, until u give it gas, but still sputters in a way and then slowly goes to normal. someone told me its the fuel pump, but i don't know. i replaced the spark plugs, even tho the stock ones were that bad. the air filter was also replaced. if it is the fuel pump where is it located in the car? what could be causing this issue?

1987 Mercury Lynx - Transmission Problem?


I recently bought a car from a friend who bought it from an old lady who drove it to church and the store once in a while.

So, the thing is in really good condition. 1987 Mercury Lynx (Old Ford Escort) only has 89,000 Miles on it. So, low miles.

I've been driving it for about two weeks now.. and i have seen it go a little funny.

Just today, it started to hiccup a little while driving.

So, (its a manual 4 speed).
i would start in first gear, and then second, and when i hit third..

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