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10 POINTS, why do my armpits smell even after 1 hr after having a shower? i don't even sweat that much?

I can have a shower on Monday and my pits will reek the next day.

Is there a medical reason behind this?

i am in my 20s

1993 Oldmobile Regency Cranks but won't start?

Car was running fine. Started to not start intermittently when she turned it off... It cranks but no spark. Then it died while driving down the road and would not start again. (Still Cranks). We took it to a shop. They replaced the ign coil packs and ignition module.... then they replaced the cam and crank sensors... then they replaced the computer... STILL WONT START... they finally said that they can't fix it... now she has a car that has basically been butchered and still it doesn't start. It seems like a dead short somewhere. Why can't they find it?

1991 ford mustang clutch help?

got a 1978 302 Windsor waiting to put it in my 91 mustang 2.3 5speed i done got a world class t5 and bell housing to match motor now what kinda clutch and flywheel do i need

1998 Chevrolet Tahoe LT 4WD 4 door, front air flow direction problem.?

I am unable to control the air flow for my vents, feet or defrost positions. I can control the air temp and air speed with no problem. Every once in awhile I will hear the doors moving when I turn the dial on the controller. I also can hear a vaccum leak from under the dash when I step the throttle and when I roll out of the throttle. Is a vaccum line leaking or some type of actuator leaking causing the air duct doors to not function? If it is some type of vaccum leak I would assume I wil be taking the whole dashboard out to get at the problem right?

1992 chevy pk v6 4.7 engine rod and main?

my bearings are not giving me any idea of size what i have is 113 D2 1 119 0 2 1 any help

1984 toyota pickup blinkers dont work?

fuses look good and checked relays... wires look good too. Fusable link went and since replacing blinkers, hazards, and themometer don't work. Any Ideas?

1995 ford windstar no power to the fuel pump?

I replaced the fuel pump and still have no power to fuel pump. I moved the relays center in the box fuse box in the engine compartment and still no power to the fuel pump.

1988 Volvo 240 with (very) high NOx. Help!?

I have a 1988 Volvo 240 wagon which has just failed California smog test as a gross polluter We've replaced the catalytic converter, O2 sensor, thermostat and have inspected it for vacuum leaks. The NOx reading is still over 3,000.
Anyone know much about these cars? They're usually pretty simple and I've never had one fail a smog test before.

1994 honda civic hatchback leaking lots of coolant?

i have located the leak to the back of the engine towards the windshield. Not the radiator or radiator hoses. Its a small hose i think it might be a heater hose. Is it hard to change and how can i be sure this is it. A lot of coolant drips from here. What else might it be leaking from back there. Hard fix?? Thanks

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