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1996 jeep chero 6 cyl low idle?

idle on my 1996 jeep is low at around 200 rpm, is there a way i can set it to the right rpm which i think is 750 rpm, also engine vibrates alot until it reaches 1700 rpm then seems to be ok

1999 ford econoline 350 timing diagram?

I need the timing diagram for a 1999 ford econoline 350 to reset the timing chain on the engine. Where can i find this info.

1994 Camaro won't start?

I have a 1994 V6 Camaro and it won't start. My dad decided to unplug or take something out of the engine for it to not start. The car cranks, but that's it. I found some stuff unplugged near the intake but that was about it. The guy is going blind and has gone crazy. I need to use my car and that guy won't speak to anyone. Any info on what he took out would be nice. Thanks

1991 skyline cranks slowly and no start?

jumped start it few times runs good but by the next day the car doesn't start. want to know if it's the battery, starter or alternator.

16020 Traffic Violation California Ticket price?(Failure to show proof of insurance)?

I got a fixit ticket for not having front license mounted and also I have to go to court for Failure to provide proof of insurance. How much would I pay if I present my insurance at the court? I am in California.

1997 bmw backseat question?

My brother just locked the keys in our 1997 bmw 318is coupe. The trunk is unlocked, I need to know if there is a way to fold the back seat from the trunk. Is there a latch or something? Thanks for your time

1977 lincoln wiring diagram, where can i find one?

need the diagram to a continental, its a '77, gold, ugly as sin but need to do some electrical for it, if anybody can help with a link or a site or something that would be great.

1996 Chevy Blazer wont start?

Brand new battery, alternator & starter. When trying to start, volts show barely above 9 on dash. Tested batter with multimeter reads 12volts, if I try to jump start volt show 12 on dash and it starts right away. What could this be? I'm clueless. All grounds look good, no wires seem kinked or soft.

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