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4 different literary elements found in The Help by Kathryn Stockett?

I need 4 different literary elements. Like simile's, characterization, personification, foreshadowing, metaphor, or oxymoron. Along with examples from the book

4hp mariner whats the oil mixture with gas?

how much gas how much oil

4x4 switch in 2001 dodge dakota?

i just did some looking around to see what the empty spot below my drivers side vent was and it seems to be the 4x4 switch. heres my question. i just got a train horn for my truck and am wanting to make it look stock, do they have a push type button that will fit that spot?

4-Pin sytem fan connector on my motherboard?

I bought this motherboard:

And this power supply

The power supply is modular and came with two Molex cables that have four molex connectors and at either end is the PSU plug-in and at the other end is what I assume to be where you should be able to plug it into the motherboard but I cannot for the life of me find a 4 pin sys fan connector on the motherboard!

4 rings of protection in the operating system?

Other than the user/supervisor mode distinction, what can one do with these rings of protection within the OS?

4x4 Vehicle with good gas milage?

I live in the middle of no-where and need a 4x4 drivetrain to make it through my drive way, even in the first snow fall. But i also commute to work. Any vehicles that get good gas millage also 4x4?

4GB Ram Usage, And Gaming Lag Issue?

i recently purchased a gaming pc which runs all games pretty much maxed out,
the specs are: powercolor hd6850
700watt tsunami psu
msi p55 gd55 motherboard
4gb of ram
i5760 - 3.4ghz with a coolermaster cpu cooler

my problem is Tf2 is always lagging and crashing, and i looked online awhile ago about the issue and it seems it has something to do with not enough ram being allocated to the game or something?
in Dxdiag, my Gpu shows 2gig, when its only a 1 gig card, so i think some system ram

4 survey questions on impeachment?

I am not looking for a correct answer, I am looking for what you know, because I need to know what others know about impeachment. I need to survey ten people on what they know about Impeachment. Would you be one of them?

What is impeachment?

Which presidents have been impeached?

How many presidents have been found guilty at their impeachment trials?

In your opinion, what constitutes “high crimes and misdemeanors”?

Thank you!

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