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84 corvette still wont start. why??????

No gas shooting out the injectors so Changed the fuel filter now fuel pump won't pump took it out n ran power to it through some wire straight to the battery n it comes on but when i hook it up it won't come on with the ignition or on crank checked the fuse and it's not blown and replaced the relay still nothing. is there a wire that runs to the starter its a wire burned but i dont know what it goes to.

84 rx7 had aftermarket stereo installed now my tailights went out but headlights are fine?

i went to best buy to have it installed do you think its connected if so will they pay to have it fixed?

85 Blazer Roof light bar help?

Howdy y'all, Im looking for a roof mounted light bar for my 1985 Chevy K5 Blazer. All i can seem to find is that "Carr" brand light bar, and i dont like the way it looks. I was wondering if anybody knows of a company that makes different style ones. or maybe someone looking to sell a used one of a different style. Thanks for the help!


85 Alternator wiring problems.. Toyota 22r?

yea i just bought a yota the chassis is a 85 but the alternator is a 83? so i think the engine itself is a 83 but i jus bought a battery and a alternator cause they were both bad and i drove it to work... drove fine until i was going home now take this into consideration the parts are brand new not used or anything so i need help cause i thing the swap from the 83 engine into this 85 pickup they wired the alternator wrong things are peiced together and cut (the wires to the alternator itself) and i want to rewire but i need a diagram or pictures. HELLLPPPPP.

89 olds cutlas wont start?

I have an 89 olds cutlas that wont start. Right before it died it was idling up and down between 500 and 1000 rpm. After it died I tried to restart it and it flooded its self out. I took it to the shop and the guy said that some of my injectors were stuck open causing it to dump gas into the motor block. I changed my injectors and am having the same problem. Could it be a bad fuel pressure regulator? There is gas coming out of the vacuum line on the regulator. Is there supposed to be gas coming of of it? Is there a way to test the regulator to see if it is working properly?

89 accord lxi clutch problems ?

Replaced the clutch now the clutch cable is really tight when i push down on the clutch pedal and it's still slipping out of gears. I aligned the clutch and everything.. Any ideas why it's not working?

83 Camaro Auto-Manual Convert?

Im goin to get my floor pans done in my Camaro, but before I do I need to get everything together for the swap so they can cut it out correctly. Is it possible to convert it? And if so how hard and is it easier to build the system from scratch or finding a donor car? Would it be hard to install? I would appreciate the help

82 toyota celica supra wont start?

i bought it yesterday, gas gauge reads empty so i put in about 1 gallon of gas then it over flowed, i figured it was full and gauge was broken, i drove it for an hour and got it home no problem,
but this morning when i went to start it.... it whines quite fast but seems like its not getting gas, so i must have used a few gallons on the drive yesterday so i got my jerry can and put in another bit of gas less than a cupfull and it over flowed again, any one have any ideas on what the problem is?

8th grade graduation dress?

Heyyy! So I'm in the 8th grade and will be graduating in the spring, yay! :) I'm looking for a cute can be short w/ spaghetti straps but I'm probably going to have to wear a cardigan or something over it :) any suggestions? Please leave a link and please nothing over $30! Clearance is good! Thanks a bunch, love ya! :)

8-bit Music Videos: Are They Okay With YouTube?

I like to make 8-bit versions of songs, and I would like to share them with others by posting them on YouTube. I will give full credit to the original song and band, and feature no copyrighted images. So basically, will the videos be eligible for monetizing?

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