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97 VW Cabrio, overheating issues.?

When I bought the car it was all fine and dandy, but after a rather trip it started heating up. Specifically, at one point on the drive my passenger and I were smacked this black foam coming from the cooler vents. The problem started then.

Now the cooling fan has stopped working, and I want to make sure that's all that's wrong before I take it to a mechanic around here (they've already ripped me off so I want facts first y'now?).

95 integra rs overheating?

i have an overheating problem. no leaks, radiator blew up. replaced the radiator, flushed the cooling lines runs fine for the rest of the day. next day, drive maybe 30 miles to work, drives perfectly the whole way, get to work and ac hose blows spraying coolant. funny thing is temp does not read above half on the guage. maybe thermostat is not reading correctly? maybe fans are not turning on? maybe water pump? going to replace ac hose, thermostat and fan relay. and advice is helpful. it seems like it is building pressure in the cooling system causing components to fail.

98 civic lx runs at normal temp while driving and will get really hot at idle but not overheat.?

It runs great all the time 201k rides at normal temp when driving. If stopped for a period of time g the temp guage shoots up close to the top. The thing is the car never actually over heats. I'm just nervous sometime when it happens. Radiator is new. Water pump hoses. What do I check next

92 accord tcu error code 13?

my D4 light is throwing error code 13 which is-Main shaft speed pulse generator open or shorted....what does that mean

92 Geo Storm Harmonic Balancer Center Bolt Removal?

I've got all the books to it and we are trying to change the timing belt but we can't get the center bult off the crank shaft. I have broken two 17mm sockets with a breaker bar, have it so the crankshaft is locked and can't move and we have even tryed impact wrenches on it and we still can't get it off. Anyone know how to get that center bolt out so we can get his timing belt changed?

94 Ford Probe GT Performance Parts?

I have a 94 ford Probe Gt KLZE swap and i wondering wut are some good performance parts for my stcok Block. I've read some reviews on and found almost nothing so wondering about some good peformance parts like pistons, rods, cams etc. prefereably forged parts. So any information on sites or parts for the KLZE would be very helpful.

93 Honda accord wont start, no spark coming from coil?

1993 honda accord wont turn over. i've tried fuses, fuel filter, fuel pump. there was no spark from coil. replaced it but still wont turn over. and still no spark.. help please

98 grand prix gt 3800 wont start..?

I had my 98 grand prix rebuilt due to a spun rod berring. Upon reinstallment it only ran for 723mi. And had what appeared to be blown headgaskets, the only cylinder that was not flooded was #1 I had the engine pulled again and took it back to the place where it was rebuilt, they informed me the plenum gasket that WAS on it when I brought it to them originally was placed BACK on it upon rebuild. This is what appeared to be the blown heads. My upper (plenum) intake manifold looked warped so I opted for a new manifold and gasket.

98 dodge stratus wont get spark?

I changed the distributor cap the rotor

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