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Are there any other Classical musicians out there that play video games?

I am studying violin performance right now, I split most of my time between playing the violin and playing Battlefield 3. Anyone else out there a gaming classical musician? Just wondering. I also reaaally like working on cars.

Anyone know where I can find "You've got a deal" story?

Its an online story I love and I have been looking for it. I have tried to Google a few lines from it and it seems that pages will come up and look like the story but when I go to the actual page it is something entirely different. The author has used the name "madame butterfly"

Applying for my provisional driving license?

I applied online for my provisional driving license on the directgov website, but as my passport is expired it said they'd send me the application form to send back with my identity documents and photo.

As I'm in a hurry to get my license in time for my birthday, I just picked up an application form from the post office to send off so I don't have to wait for the one they sent. But I'm not sure if the forms are the same.

Has anyone else applied online and received the application form through the post afterwards?

Am I having trojan problems?

Hey guys,

lately I've noticed that my HDD is thrashing a lot more than usual, so my first thought was that I've become infected with a virus of some sorts. After downloading an anti-virus, I ran a few scans to no avail.

Next I ran netstat on the command prompt to see if I have any open connections (I made sure that all browser windows and all internet based applications were closed) and I noticed something strange..

Are you allowed a small number plate on a scooter?

My friend has a small numberplate on his scooter ( 6" by 4") is this legal? if not whats the fine for having it. also what if you get caught with a 100 engine when its registered as a 50cc??

A university project showing many faces and mixes them by their shapes to find the perfect one?

There was a web site that showing you a lot of different kind of faces and want you to select two or three of them. They were trying to mach the shapes of these faces and then get them together, then find the perfect looking face. It was some kind of a university project that involve with in face recognition. İ used the site for a time but then i forgot the address. I m trying to find now but i cant.

ap us history question, help please!?

In what ways did the principles of the american revolution and the declaration of Independence emerge from the practical historical experience of the American people and in what ways did it reflect the abstract Enlightenment ideas in a new age of progress liberty and human rights?

please no opinions serious answers only!

Are there any high spec notebooks ( not netbooks ) with a swivel touchscreen ?

Im looking in the range of a 6 GB ram ( but 4 will do too ) with core 2 processors with good graphics . Any brand ( but brands such as dell , HP , sony , toshiba preffered ) , any price , availability can be anywhere around the globe . My usage is for entertainment purposes ( games , movies , music ) , general net usage and occasionally for working on CAD softwares that require high ram and graphics . . . Thanx !

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