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A type of website like stagevu?

I need to know websites like stagevu because they are starting to have no movies at all and I need to be in that new stuff on my ps3

Any Wordpress plugins for sharing a link in shortened form?

I host a blog for free on and I recently discovered that the domain name my blog is under is automatically blocked by Facebook for spam. Therefore, nobody can share a link to my blog on Facebook because my website exists at part of the blocked domain name.

I have two extensions set up, one that lets visitors share a link to my blog on Facebook and other sites, and another that posts automatically on my Facebook and twitter accounts whenever I put in a new post.

Are All i7 Laptops Quad Core?

I want to get an i7 (preferably 2nd gen) quad core laptop with 640GB HDD Or Higher and 6GB of Ram Or Higher.
Seen lots of deals but they just say i7 dont mention how many cores.
Also I'm Wondering How Much RAM It should have because I see powerful computers with like 4GB
(Want to play games really powerfully like battlefield 3 and need to know how much ram I should get)

A cool website that I can...?

Meet new peope rp meet new friends
Like a chat room (not Facebook myspace or mocospace)
P.s I'm on mobile

Authors and writers nest answer 10 points?

Ok so I really want to right an inspirational book focused towards those bullied for being themselves and overcoming the obstacle known as the teenage life I know first hand how hard it can be I'm 17 and bisexual a nerd and was bullied four years since 6th grade I want the beginning of the book to start there in sixth grade and mainly focus on helping teens work through these troubling years to be successful in the long run I kind of want it to mainly focus towards my life telling how I've overcome these obsticals and how everything is tough for a teen I want to try to make a difference plea

about nail polish? HELP PLEASE?

i have nail polish..and i know that you have to base coat before puting on your nail polish color..but do you need to put on a top coat after..or does it not matter? lol i'm sorry but i don't really know much about nail polish and i don't really wear it alot

Any opinions on the Tarte Vitamin Core Lipsticks?

I just purchased one of these lipsticks today from the Sephora website, because I took advantage of the Friends & Family Sale that is still going on right now. It's originally $22, but it was cut down to $8, plus I had a discount code I used. So in general, I bought this on a whim to just try it out. I've never bought any Tarte lip products, so have any of you bought this lipstick? And do you like it?

Btw, I bought the lipstick in the color, Revive.

Are vans foot wear sneakers ?

Do vans footwear count as sneakers or what ??

authorizing my itunes acount?

I got a new laptop and i want my old music so i went to store and authorized it but my purchased music is not there how do i get it?


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