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Book recommendation?

I have a 25$ gift card to some book store and I don't what book I should get. I like fantasy, mystery/suspense and science fiction. I already have The Hunger...

Books from a servants POV?

Just looking for a book (fantasy maybe?) That is told from the servant/slave/maid's point of view?

Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp 2014?

Is anyone going to session 4 of Blue Lake Fine Arts camp this summer? I was just wondering, because when we get to camp, maybe we can meet...

Beginning my Novel?

I'm writing a modernized religious novel, and I can't seem to think of a good biblical passage to use to introduce it. I need a biblical quote that talks about...

burnt linux disc won't run at startup?

I burnt it to a cd-r. I chose burn like dvd instead of flash drive. I got all of the files on the disc. It won't load at startup. Why is it not working?

Best acoustic guitar?

I've been wanting to learn for years and finally decided to start, I was going to buy a Martin smith guitar but heard bad comments.

I am expecting a baby in 2 months so I'm keen to start soon as :) what would the best guitar be? I am left handed whether that makes a difference I don't know and I don't have a lot of money to spend

Thanks in advance :) xo

Ballinger-Pinchot affair?

Can somebody please explain to me what the Ballinger-Pinchot scandal was; What happened, why it was important, and how it effected Taft's presidency? And please don't copy and paste from Wikipedia because I already read the entire thing and it isn't very clear.

Bridging an amplifier with one input damaged for two 400/800 Watt speakers?

I have a cheap amplifier (technical pro 1000 I think) which I recently aquired. I found out that one of the two inputs is distorted some how (the sound comes out ugly from that side as though the speaker is blown). The other input is totally fine. I have verified that the speaker is not the problem (either speaker works with the right input but not the left). Would it make sense for me to bridge the amp into the one input and then daisy chain the speaker in order to maximize the power? The speakers are 8 ohms.

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