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Can someone help me with the beginning of this story please?

I was having trouble starting it. Finally I decided that i would start the day before her father commits suicide. Dad looks at...

Can this be an example of paradox or irony?

"One of the individuals he professed to admire greatly over the last two years of his life was a heavy drinker and incorrigible philanderer who regularly beat up his...

Children's Book idea?

I have to make a children's book for school but I can't think of anything original. The theme of my book has to be "evil things happen when good people do nothing&quot...

Character's responsibilities in the Sammurai's Tale?

In the book, The Sammurai's Tale, what are some responsibilities the characters are given and if they accept...

Custom DNS with Huawei E5172 and Apple Time Capsule combination.?

I have a Huawei E5172 with a Time Capsule attached. The Huawei doesn't support custom DNS, which I want to use...

CSS External style sheet conflicting w/ mine?

I made a small update to my website, but I'm using a link of an external css style sheet which is conflicting with my css file. For example some of the font...

Could some one tell me why I suddenly have a new youtube channel although I haven't done anything?

So today I opened up youtube to that annoying pop up that asks me if I want to connect my google+ account which I must have said no to a million...

C Programming.?

Will the following statement print 1234 right justified within a 10 digit field? printf("%10d\n",1234)

Can we say science is an art of living? Why?

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