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Can the American dream and equality coexist?

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Couplet poem outsiders?

An 8 line poem for outsiders


Can someone please tell me what the name of this teen book is about, this girl and her older sister go to this party type of thing and they end up finding a body in a boat in the lake...

Complete list of all Famous Poets who wrote dark poetry?

I'm highly interested in poetry consisting of sadness, hatred, betrayal, lonely, angry, dark romance, mysterious, and anything fitting the category of dark poetry. Thank you for your...

Can even extreme forms of torture be morally justified?

Suppose some guy knows of a plot to explode a nuclear bomb in a major city and knows where the bomb is located. He won't talk even when he is...

Can someone help me with the beginning of this story please?

I was having trouble starting it. Finally I decided that i would start the day before her father commits suicide. Dad looks at...

Can this be an example of paradox or irony?

"One of the individuals he professed to admire greatly over the last two years of his life was a heavy drinker and incorrigible philanderer who regularly beat up his...

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