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Could some one tell me why I suddenly have a new youtube channel although I haven't done anything?

So today I opened up youtube to that annoying pop up that asks me if I want to connect my google+ account which I must have said no to a million...

C Programming.?

Will the following statement print 1234 right justified within a 10 digit field? printf("%10d\n",1234)

Can we say science is an art of living? Why?

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Can light collide with each other?

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Can you change the little plastic triangles on a Chevy Avalanche for metals?

I have a 2003 Chevy Avalanche and I was wondering if there is anyway I can switch the plastic to metal I feel it just looks kind of cheap with the plastic, thanks!

can a g1 driver drive cars in and out the bays in an automotive shop?

im an aspiring mechanic and i work at a shop right now, being that i only have my g1 license, my manager wont let me drive cars i and out of the bays. i was just wondering if i am legally able to drive the cars in and out of the bays since i wouldnt be driving on any roads, just our small parking lot. thanks.

Can i still drive my 2002 nissan frontier 4x4 if i remove the automatic wheel hubs?

I bought rims that the hubs will not fit through. so i was wondering if i remove the hubs would the truck would still run and drive fine. i dont mind if it disables the 4x4.

Commercial pilot's life?

What is it like for an airline pilot's life? What is the best career in commercial piloting?

Can learning languages make one more clever?

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