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can a g1 driver drive cars in and out the bays in an automotive shop?

im an aspiring mechanic and i work at a shop right now, being that i only have my g1 license, my manager wont let me drive cars i and out of the bays. i was just wondering if i am legally able to drive the cars in and out of the bays since i wouldnt be driving on any roads, just our small parking lot. thanks.

Can i still drive my 2002 nissan frontier 4x4 if i remove the automatic wheel hubs?

I bought rims that the hubs will not fit through. so i was wondering if i remove the hubs would the truck would still run and drive fine. i dont mind if it disables the 4x4.

Commercial pilot's life?

What is it like for an airline pilot's life? What is the best career in commercial piloting?

Can learning languages make one more clever?

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Can time be graphed as a dependent variable?

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Can i get my tongue pierced?

i have fillings in my front two teeth, can i get my tongue pierced?? Or will it knock them out?

Can I put another pair of earrings in if I just got my ears pierced?

i really want to put these in

there not heavy or anything but i just got my ears pierced today. should i wait for a week or something?

Concealer/Makeup question !?

What is the best concealer for acne marks- scars ? I have redness in both of my cheeks .. It really bothers me I can't really look at people in the eye because I feel like they're just staring at my acne marks/ scars.. I have oily-dry skin not to dry but kinda.. All I wear is a CC cream and an elf stick concealer .. It works but it doesn't really cover my redness.. Can I put green concealer on then my CC cream or do I need a powder?

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