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Can economics solve political problems?

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Chevy Cobalt front bumper cover replacement cost?

Yes, I know I should contact a body shop directly but all of them are closed right now in my area and I need this info before tomorrow.

Any educated ideas on how much it would cost (parts + labour) including paint to replace the front bumper cover on an 06 Chevy Cobalt?

changing power steering fluid?

My car calls for dexron 2 fluid. There's regular power steering fluid in there from the last owner.

Can someone point me to a beginners guide for glow gauges?

I have a 2000 Toyota Celica GTS as a little hobby car me and my friends are working on. I saw a video on YouTube of a celica with glow gauges and I really liked how they look. I've found a few on eBay that I would consider buying, but there are reverse glow gauges and glow gauges and gauge inverters all for sale... Can someone tell me what these mean? Or point me to a "Glow Gauges For Dummies" type of material? And also, where would be other places to buy them? Thanks.

can i dye my hair twice in one day?

I have never dyed my hair except for one time when I got it ombred,and most of that hair is gone,so I have fresh,healthy hair. I dyed my hair tonight and its the wrong color,so I got a darker box. My hair is very silky smooth and shiny,I just needa different color. is it okay to do this twice in one night? It was done about 2 hours ago

Cheapest stores to buy clothes?

I have $200.00 as a Christmas gift to go buy some clothes and I want to get the most out of it. What are the cheapest places to buy clothes? Nothing online like EBay or Amazon please.

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