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Could I have been infected?

Curious if this infected my computer. So I downloaded a rar file and before opening it, ran a virus scan and this was the result:

I was just wondering if, without opening the file, my computer was infected?
The website is trusted, I think. The people who upload these files however are not so I just virus scan them.

Computer keeps shutting off! (Please respond fast)?

My laptop keeps randomly shutting off. It started doing this last night and it has done this before but i'm usually able to fix it. It's not working this time. When I open my laptop it asks if I want to system repair or whatever and when I say yes it loads for like 30 minutes and then says it couldn't fix it immediately. Sometimes I get blue screens but that's only happened twice. I don't think I have a virus but it's a possibility. I don't want t tell my dad because I've only had this computer for a year and he would get mad. Sometimes it works for 10 minutes and then shuts off. I hate it!

Can you find a metaphor in this poem?

'Is my team ploughing,
That I was used to drive
And hear the harness jingle
When I was man alive?'

Ay, the horses trample,
The harness jingles now;
No change though you lie under
The land you used to plough.

'Is football playing
Along the river shore,
With lads to chase the leather,
Now I stand up no more?'

Ay, the ball is flying,
The lads play heart and soul;
The goal stands up, the keeper
Stands up to keep the goal.

'Is my girl happy,
That I thought hard to leave,
And has she tired of weeping
As she lies down at eve?'

Ay, she lies down lightly,
She lies not down to weep:
Your girl is

Could I really when a car from the car dealership?

I received a flyer in the mail today from a car dealership about a sweepstake it's conducting. I don't have any idea where they received my information. I know of/and where it's located in the city(locally). I scratched the flyer and matched a 2014 Jeep Wrangler. The rules indicate in order to claim prize--come to the dealership. Has anyone ever won a prize from a car dealership? Is it worth it going to the dealership?

can I travel local train using express ticket.?

I have 3 rd ac train ticket upto egmore but my destination is pallavaram. can I travel local train from tamparam to pallavaram. there any rules. If it is there na please send me. Please....

Car accident insurance company doesn't want to pay?

I was involved in a car accident months ago. I went through treatment and got an attorney because the other parties insurance company seemed shady. The person accepted fault claims he /she did not see me, I think they were asleep while driving or wasn't paying attention. My attorney has stated he will be filing a lawsuit against the party In order to get the insurance company to pay what he believes is fair. Has this worked for anyone in the past ? I'm not greedy I do feel I should be compensated for my injuries and pain and suffering.

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