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Can I send Youtube a private question?

I made an account back in 2010, and it has 3 videos on it of me. They're actually pretty stupid and embarrassing, so I would like to somehow delete that account. The only problem is, is that I completely forgot the email and password that I used for that account, so I can't log back into that account to delete it.

complaint about Union Pacific train company?

I want to make a complaint about Union Pacific. the reason is they do testing at wrong time when students and people are trying to get to school and work. All they do is go back and forth with the train for 10 minutes. Many students including myself get in trouble for being late all because the train is holding up traffic. what can i do about this? who in the city can I email? please help

Coco Chanel photograph?

Does anyone know any photographers that shot any iconic photographs of coco chanel?

Can someone help me with my NaNo novel plot?

I really want to participate in NaNoWriMo. Problem is I found out about it last night at approximately 11 PM. It's something I want to do for fun and as an exercise for prioritizing my writing, but today has gone by and I haven't written anything because I can't figure out my plot. Coming up with a plot has always been my biggest challenge and if I can't do that, I can't practice writing at all.

Can you guys read my paragraph fiction and tell me how u like it! PLEASE!?

We lay on the grass, my best friend and I.
Our eyes fixed on the warm baby-blue stretch of sky, we watch the clouds go by. We shape them to our young hearts desires. They wisp by in a beautiful serenity, just like the days of my beautiful life. We are content with our childhood game, playing it every sunday of every week. We dont need anything else.
I look over to glance at my best friend. I realize he is gone. I turn my eyes to the sky, now a turbulent, disturbing grey. The blue sky is gone. The white clouds have left.

Can you cut hair even if you are wearing extensions?

OK i know this is a weird question, but i need someone to tell me.
i got my hair extensions just the other day, but i decided it would all look much better if i changed my hair style,
i've got it straight so i wanted it V shaped now, idk if this is clear enough O_O
um so yeah, i just want to know if i can cut it with my extensions on,
if not, do you think i'll have to pay to put them back on?

could anyone pls assist me?

okay, i made a purchase on ebay and the payment has already been made. on my paypal account, it then says new dispute. 'case reversal' and that ebay are investigating and awaiting response from the seller and stuff. i'm new to paypal and ebay as well so i'm this normal? and what will happen? thanks

C++ Menu Option - I Am Stuck on a Small Bit?

I am wanting to create a Text Based Adventure Game in C++, I am only at the stage of creating the menu and I am stuck.
I have created the layout, added the Options e.t.c.

Clear your cache isssues?

use two browsers: Foxfire/and Google Chrome: need to clear history of temporary files

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