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Can't get sound out of my headphones?

When I plug my headphones into my laptop, all currently open windows will still play on the speakers, and closing and re-opening the windows don't help at all.
I've already tried setting the headphones to 'default' in Hardware and Sounds, to no avail.

Can I negotiate the sticker price on a 2011 BMW 3 series?

I was hoping that since it is the end of the year they may take less. Any suggestion on how much you can take off the sticker price realistically.

Car Painting (acura integra)?

I bought an aftermarket Acura Integra hood just wondering if i should paint it? it came black
(same as my car) but im not sure if thats just primed or painted?

chengis khan was the worst human alive,do you agree?

i hate him because he was selfish and cared for no one...
hitler ? just google the number of people killed by chengis khan and hitler.

can anyone with experience in styling asian hairstyles help me how do i get my hair like this?

i like the wavy choppy spiky perm on top of the hair, i already have the hair wax called moving rubber and showed a picture to my stylist on how to cut my hair. im just having a hard time styling my hair like his

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