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chengis khan was the worst human alive,do you agree?

i hate him because he was selfish and cared for no one...
hitler ? just google the number of people killed by chengis khan and hitler.

can anyone with experience in styling asian hairstyles help me how do i get my hair like this?

i like the wavy choppy spiky perm on top of the hair, i already have the hair wax called moving rubber and showed a picture to my stylist on how to cut my hair. im just having a hard time styling my hair like his

Can I go ahead and wear womens g strings if I find them comfy?

Previously I used to wear my wifes g strings cos they were very comfy but she used to get upset. This morning I asked her if I can use one of her g string and she agreed. So my question is can I wear them if I want. Is it wierd for a guy to want to wear womens g strings. I mean its just a piece of clothing. Women can you please advise me.

Can I dye my hair reddish pink if I want to become a CSI?

I'm a Junior in High School and my heart is set on Crime Scene Investigation, but I'd like to dye my hair like a reddish pink, but I'm not sure if I should because they might consider that unprofessional.

And I'd like to get a few tattoos, but again, I'm afraid they might consider that unprofessional.

But I'm not sure.

What do you think I should do? Do you think it'd be alright?

C++ Programming Problem?


Write a program that will predict the size of a population of organisms. The program should ask the user for the starting number of organisms, their average daily population increase (as a percentage, expressed as a fraction in decimal form: for example 0.052 would mean a 5.2% increase each day), and the number of days they will multiply.

Can I run Microsoft office on an android tablet?

I already downloaded office suite from the android market but I can't open, edit or loose file properties in some files.

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