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Can I run Microsoft office on an android tablet?

I already downloaded office suite from the android market but I can't open, edit or loose file properties in some files.

C++ PROGRAM- Can someone help?

my code errors say i have an illegal escape sequence, what did i do wrong?

using namespace std;
void main (){
int n;
int counter; //Loop counter
int sum;

cout <<"Type in number<<"\n";
while(counter <=n)
sum += 1/n;

cout <

Cut off my internet by a mobile device?

I was just wondering if it was possible to cut off the internet by a mobile device, because the internet on my laptop is doesn't work sometimes and when I ask my dad to take a look at it, he gives it to my brother (who is more technology inclined) and all he does is turn off my internet and restart it again and it works, but he fiddles with his phone sometimes. To make it clear the internet works, like I can get connection to my iPod, it just refuses to connect to my laptop. And if this is possible, how do I get it to stop? Thank you

Create bootable USB instead of CD?

Hi, I am trying to create a bootable USB thumbdrive for a utility called "pcdiskeraser". The utility is supposed to be able to wipe the hard disk permanently, but is only available in ISO form for CD/DVD burning.

Is there any way for me to make it work on a USB thumbdrive, as I do not have a built-in CD/DVD drive in my laptop. I have tried hp drive key boot utility,unetbootin and Make_bootable, non of them works.

Thanks in advance.

common 1991 VW jetta manual transmission problems?

maybe buying a 91 jetta, the guy says the clutch wont disengage. says the clutch cable is fine and probobly an easy fix, what should i expect for pricing, what should the problem b and how easy is this gonna be to fix? thanks

Can i use the Electronic E6B Flight Computer on FAA test for Private Pilot?

Hey,soon i will take make Private Pilot writen test,FAA,and i would like to know if can i use the Electronic E6B Flight Computer.


Credit card or a new car?

I'm 18, with no credit. I tried to finance a 2009 car for $20,000 with my uncle as a cosigner. Unfortunately, I wasn't approved because they said I had no credit at all. Should I get a credit card for now, until I get some credit and then try to finance another car? Or should I get one of the ugly cars that you can but for like $12,000 brand new? P.S. The car lot approved me for a $10,000 car and the bank said they could approve me for about a $15,000 car.

can someone find a cdi box for me?

i have a 94 tomos targa and the cdi box is bad on it and i need a knew one but cant find it anywhere :( is there another one that would work instead?

Car sounds lost it's acceleration, seems boggy and is a little more loud.?

Pontiac 6000 is now running very boggy when I step on the gas. It also seems a little louder. Brought it to a shop and they put in a new cat, it runs a little better, but something still is wrong. Could it be the muffler now? is it possible/common that debris and parts form the broken cat can flow into the muffler and cause damage to that too?...I also replaced spark plugs, and check airflow...I know I could bring it to a shop, so please don't use that as an answer, Thanks!!

Could you critique my museum research paper?

Judgment of Solomon
When I heard that we had to do a museum project I was really excited because museums are something I really enjoy to go while learning a lot too. I was going to pick the Holocaust Museum but had decided since I’ve been there before I should try something different. I ended up going to the Appleton Museum which was a really good choice in my opinion. While at the Appleton Museum I saw many different varieties of paintings and sculptors which many are old and some are considered modern day artifacts.

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