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Can anybody tell me what font this tattoo is?

change a picture so you can not tell its us?

I have a picture of my ex and I doing a swing dance dip. I love the picture but obviously I can not go around using pictures of my ex. how can I change the picture so you can not tell it is us but you can still see the picture.

Can I audition for a role if I live in venezuela but was born in United States?

Ok, so I'll go to la with my mom on vacations, and I'm only 14 turning to 15 on September, so all my life I've wanted to be a famous actress and I was actually born in the USA were i want to live but my parents are from Venezuela and I'm living here bc of a long and shitty story so my question is can i do castings and actually get a role if I audition?

Can economics solve political problems?

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Chevy Cobalt front bumper cover replacement cost?

Yes, I know I should contact a body shop directly but all of them are closed right now in my area and I need this info before tomorrow.

Any educated ideas on how much it would cost (parts + labour) including paint to replace the front bumper cover on an 06 Chevy Cobalt?

changing power steering fluid?

My car calls for dexron 2 fluid. There's regular power steering fluid in there from the last owner.

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