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Can you give me some help with my story?

In my story there is a summoner, someone who can call and tame animals. She summons a rhino to act as a guard for The rhino is annoyed at being used all the time by the summoner.
One day the rhino "accidentally" misleads his summoner into a pit trap. He tells her that he won't help her out of the trap unless she agrees to serve him for a change. The summoner has no other choice but to accept the rhino's demand.
I need help thinking of things the rhino could order the summoner to do.
Can you help me?

Can you name this book?

I read this book when I was young. It's fiction. It's about a family band, and the main character is a girl with no musical talent. They had tried to get her to play a variety of instruments but she wasn't able to get it, and she wasn't able to sing. I believe her job is to sell things at the family concerts, since she can't sing or play an instrument. I can't remember if her parents play or sing or both. She has a sister who is really pretty and I think she is the singer of the band. She also has 2 brothers that may be twins, and I think one is a drummer.

Cognitive style of science students?

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can i claim chapter 13 on a repo'd car?

I'm in the process of claiming bankrupt. My car got taken away and sold about 8 months ago.. now the bank says I owe then over $10, 000 which is outrageous. Due to my income I am told by my lawyer that chapter 7 is not a option for me bc I make slightly too much money. (I work a ton of forced overtime at my job). So my only option is chapter 13.. which I will have to pay back some of my debt..okay that's understandable. But I cannot afford to pay back 10k for a car I don't have. It got repo'd because I could no longer afford it in the first place..

Can I fit 315/75/16 tires on my truck?

I have a 2000 GMC Sierra 1500 and I have 285/75/16 AT tires. There's no lift and in haven't cranked my torsion bars at all. They fit without any rubbing whatsoever. I have a 3" lift that has 4 new shocks, 3" lift blocks and 3" keys sitting in my garage. I could pick up a set of 315/75/16 MT Baja Claws for free that have about 30% tread left. Would they fit if I put my lift kit in?

Car has been sitting for just about a year. Safe to drive?

I know there's a lot of things you need to check and/or change on a car that has been sitting for a long while. Such as change the oil and oil filter, change out the air filters etc etc. But since this car has only set for just about a year, I'm wondering if firing it up and driving the car as is would cause any kind of serious damage at all?
What are the dangers of starting up the car and driving it without any sort of "tune up"?
If it isn't a good a idea to hop in it in and drive off, what do I need to do to make the car "safe to drive" again?


car cranks but wont start?

I have a 1993 rx7 that cranks but wont start. Im not getting any spark and already replaced coils, harness and battery. I have a tester and once I turn the switch on the car loses ground. What does that happen

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