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changing power steering fluid?

My car calls for dexron 2 fluid. There's regular power steering fluid in there from the last owner.

Can someone point me to a beginners guide for glow gauges?

I have a 2000 Toyota Celica GTS as a little hobby car me and my friends are working on. I saw a video on YouTube of a celica with glow gauges and I really liked how they look. I've found a few on eBay that I would consider buying, but there are reverse glow gauges and glow gauges and gauge inverters all for sale... Can someone tell me what these mean? Or point me to a "Glow Gauges For Dummies" type of material? And also, where would be other places to buy them? Thanks.

can i dye my hair twice in one day?

I have never dyed my hair except for one time when I got it ombred,and most of that hair is gone,so I have fresh,healthy hair. I dyed my hair tonight and its the wrong color,so I got a darker box. My hair is very silky smooth and shiny,I just needa different color. is it okay to do this twice in one night? It was done about 2 hours ago

Cheapest stores to buy clothes?

I have $200.00 as a Christmas gift to go buy some clothes and I want to get the most out of it. What are the cheapest places to buy clothes? Nothing online like EBay or Amazon please.

Can anyone diagnose my PC?

ProcessorAMD Phenom(tm) II X4 850 Processor, 3300 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)
Installed Physical Memory (RAM)8.00 GB

Graphics card GTX 460

When im playing games i could be playing for like 20mins or a full 4-5hrs and without any signs like getting lag my pc would just crash and takes everything running with it like skype or vlc player. also i noticed if i try to play anything on vlc player its either green screen or its like rainbow like squiggles. Any thoughts
what am i looking for when i run the program???

cool instagram names for the name lauren?

I want to change my instagram name to something new I was thinking jklollauren but I'm not you can think of one that has my name in it which is lauren.thank you:-)

Can a disk drive emulator from a external hard drive work on an Xbox 360?

Can a disk drive emulator from a external hard drive work on an Xbox 360 to compensate for a broken optical drive?

could my tablet have a virus?

it just presses the buttons by does have a small crack on the corner even though it has not been dropped, nothing fell on it, and it was not in a moist environment.

I've only had it 2 weeks.

it has been connected to my home wifi and FoxFi though my phone.

It was connected to gmail and facebook..but i did not open any mail/click on any links through them.

I used it to do some audio recording, go to some websites such as the news and a store.

it keeps randomly turning the camera on, taking picture, trying to write emails...typing in random letters, etc.

I have contacted the c

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