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do you think i look like any CELEBRITY? do you think im EXOTIC?

thankyou :) xx

Do Hot Topic Shirts Shrink?

I want to order some shirts from hot topic in SM. They are all 100% cotton and im not sure how much they will shrink. Also im not entirely sure im a SM. The sizes for shirt orders are in mens size XS-36in Chest SM-40in chest M-44in chest and so forth. Im 15, 5"3, 107 lbs and i usually wear S/P in aeropostale size. If that helps so if guys could help me out it would be much appreciated. I could find any measuring tape to do it myself.
if you guys* I couldnt find any measuring tape* EDIT

Don't know what to pack with me?

Going to London in April for a week(I live in Finland) and I don't know what to pack with me! Can anybody give me links or lists what should I pack in the suitcase, purse and should I take with in the airplane? Thank youu:)

Does this look a cute way to paint your toenails?

'Two different shades of pink!

Dell laptop (dell inspiron 1464) problem?

I have a dell laptop it is inspiron 1464. It started beeping sound like alarm while switching on ie, before windows get started. The beeps are contineous no rythm at all and it doesnt end untill the windows get started. I used it in same condition for 2 months now it is not even switching on. Just the powering light blinks once and nothing happens. What could be the problem. And the beeps are like "beep,beep,beep,beep. Rapidly doesnt end untill windows get started.

Do you not think that aeroplanes are old fashioned looking things with wings that stick out and a tail?

I know that they are fuel tanks but you must admit that they look so old fashioned? Why can they not be made round and take of vertically like say a flying saucer shape?

does washing up liquid get rid of brassy hair?

i am wondering if it is safe to use on pre lightened blonde hair or what can i use in the uk to rid of brassy blonde hair? i stupidly coloured it platinum blonde i have been gradually getting lighter prior to this and thought it would be ok to take the final plunge but lo and behold its gone brassy and yellowy and looks awful! surprisingly though its still in pretty good condition and is shiny and healthy looking not dry at all but its yellow and i want rid with a cheap effective treatment other than a hairdressers any help appreciated.

Do I have an ok body type? ?

All my friends say that I look"disproportional". My measurements are 30G breasts, 25 in waist , 35 lower? I am also 115 lbs and 5'4

Does getting waxing done hurt?

at my gf insistence i am going to get my legs , chest and armpit waxed

never done waxing done before , so how bad hurt it badly .... is it bearable or would i be screaming

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