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Does Lemon Juice Work For Pimples?

If so how long does it take to work? And how do I put it on properly? Thanks! :D

Do you know if hot yoga is good for your skin?

I have horrible acne right now and am planning to yoga it out.

Dmv registration payment options?

I just got my dmv registration renewal in the mail about a month ago, I have to get my car smog at a test only center, could I detach the mail in form and send a money order to the dmv in Ca, before I get my car smoged before I get a penalties for a late fee, and what would I need to mail to the dmv???

Do i need to put coolant or water in my car?

It keeps on overheating
I checked a clear tank that had a green cap on it and it was almost empty
It had a tiny bit of greenish fluid at the bottom of it

Do i put water or coolant in here?
What goes where ?

Describing an anacondas attack?

I am writing a scene in which a group in the forest spotted an antelope and wanted to kill it for food. Unknown to them an anaconda was in the tree above and it attacked the group

Does anyone know a good ballet intensive either in France or in USA?

I'm 14 and I'm looking for a good ballet summer intensive in either France or USA that doesn't start until after the 3rd July because I have my school exams. I dance ballet 4 times a week, each lesson lasting about 2 hours. I also do competitions (imposed variations and group). If you need anymore information about my level to help in answering my question, please ask! :)

Does anyone know who own the copyright for this Obama picture?

I would love to use but I want to ask for permission first.

Do you think this counts as copying?

OK simple question.

Image a picture who draws pictures .
Now that person sometimes has a hard time thinking up ideas,
so they go onto an art site and look at other pictures for ideas.

Example -
They see a drawing of a cat , they draw a picture of a cat but not in the same pose.

Do you think this counts as copying?

do leggings have to cover the butt?

so i recently got out of surgery and jeans are to uncomfortable for me to wear since the surgery is on my leg.
i have to go back to school tomorrow and i want to go as comfortable as possible.
i was planning on wearing a sweater and leggings, but does the butt have to be covered?
there's alot of people who say yes and no.
what your opinion on this?
Cali weather right now is to cold

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