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Does this computer have a PSU limit?
I need to know
Also a Graphics Card limit, am I allowed to change to whatever card I want

Difference between a shape and symbol in Flash?

I not quite sure what the difference is for these tow thing, I was once told the difference but forgot.

Does anyone know if and where I can buy skinny elastic and stretch lace without having to order it online?

My step daughter loves to wear headbands so I've decided to try to learn how to make them myself, but I would prefer to buy the supplies in a store to start off with. The issue is trying to find them in an actual store!

Does Lemon Juice Work For Pimples?

If so how long does it take to work? And how do I put it on properly? Thanks! :D

Do you know if hot yoga is good for your skin?

I have horrible acne right now and am planning to yoga it out.

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