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Does anyone know the name of this piercing? it's on the outer side of the vagina...i just want to know what it's called.

does this mean my sisters are prettier than me?

our cousin whose a guy put a ringtone on my sisters phone, its an indian singer singing 'your the prettiest' or something like that. they both take photos and dont tell me, and take them without me.

disc won't load up on windows xp computer please help?

I put my easy cap disc into the disk drive on my windows xp computer, the windows xp i am running is fully licensed and there are no problems that I KNOW OF about the disk drive, so could someone please help me to figure out why it wont load.

when i put it in, a disc image comes up next to the mouse and just stays there for hours, not doing anything

Does anyone know where I can find pictures of an old 80's/90's Ryko r7b car wash?

I used to live by one of these scince I was a little kid....back in like 1999 there was one at a shell station in San Bernardino Ca.

Do you like European cars? ?

just curious. I personally love them and are the only cars I buy.. but what do you think about them?

does Eibach Suspension Kit really work?

does Eibach Suspension Kit actually work for lowering your truck ! or is it BS , it seems to me like too much for little amount of money ! but hey who knows !

Do you like this other poem I just wrote?

I want to remember you
As a lily pad
Floating in the marsh
Where we picked yellow blossoms
And pretended we were bunny rabbits

It was sunny

I am alone in an unfamiliar room
The fan is spinning
And it is snowing on my face

I prefer lilies over daisies

Do people always choose (morally speaking) what will bring them the most pleasure?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but is it not natural for someone to choose an act that, in the end, will bring them the most pleasure (happiness), even if it may be morally "wrong" or "right"? If, that is, that happiness (power, riches, honor, health, general well-being, etc.) is the primary goal in life.

Maybe it could be better said that an act is only a means to a more happy end, regardless of the moral value of the act itself.

Debating between two white G-Shocks!?

I'm thinking of getting my first gshock as either the:

1. DW6900NB-7, which was worn by Eminem as seen in the "I need a doctor" music video. The thing I like about it though is that the band is pure white - which makes it stand out more - and it has a glossy finish so if it were to get dirty, I could easily wipe it off

2. DW6900FS-8, the band is a greyish/blue colour and it doesn't have the glossy finish. However, I like how the time is easier to see on this watch.

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