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Engine covered in coolants?

I was driving the other day and a peice holding two heater hoses together busted and my engine got covered in antifreeze.
I pulled over right away, had a friend take me to get the other peice, fixed it and filled the car back up with coolant and let it run a bit before I drove it.
However, the car has been acting weird ever since.
It's been acting sluggish. The check engine light has been blinking on and off, the electric guages are acting funny, the car has been sluggish and responds like shit.
It idles rough and takes a couple of seconds to respond when I take off.

Easy semi-formal hairstyles for short hair?

Our Christmas dance is on Saturday, and I don't know what to do with my hair! I have hair almost down to my shoulders with a grown-out stack. I don't know of much I can do with my hair for Saturday. Any suggestions??

Epson Stylus NX515 Printer issues?

I replaced my black, cyan and magenta ink cartridges and the cyan color has missing segments when I print a head alignment page. I've did a head cleaning 3 times and a nozzle check 3 times. What could be the issue? It's not under warranty anymore and Epson says to take it into a certified center for repair. The printer didn't cost as much as they'll charge me to fix it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Essence cosmetic can i use eat?

I bought anti-spot cleansing wipes and essence pure skin anti-spot 4in1 cream wash
now i found on the essence website
I am asking are those 2 products for men two?

eBay/Paypal under 18?

If i'm not 18, and I made an ebay and paypal, what would I put for information like my phone number, etc? I wouldn't do it without asking parents permission first..

Anyone know what information I would put that's true, and what would I make up?

Effects of high altitude flight?

Assuming your flying in a glider and taking out of consideration structural issues, how does flying at a higher altitude affect the glider's glide angle?

On one hand, yes there is less air for lift but there is also less drag. Do these components balance each other out and therefore the glide angle stays the same? Or am I missing something out here.

Excel Help on adding text and numbers together?

I want to add text and numbers together see below

column A


i need to add "if" condition, so the end result is adding 1 to the above, i.e. UPS1 to turn to UPS2 and the others. i know if i drag to column B it will change to UPS2 but i need to use it as a an "if" function.

Easy Youtube Video Downloader downloading songs over 30 minutes?

I'm a new firefox user, and i thought that this would be a really cool add-on because it's integrated right into the browser, but sometimes the downloader makes a file that is over 30 minutes long. Sometimes it downloads the right time, and everything works fine, but other times it downloads a file over 30 minutes, and its consistently over 30 minutes. each song that is messed up is over 30 minutes long

What's wrong with the downloader?

Examples of Folk Cultures?

We're doing a project for our Human Geography class and we don't know any examples of interesting folk cultures. If you know any, please help us out!
-Peace & Blessings.

Engine lugs and wont downshift when coming off the hiway.?

2006 Chevy 3500 HD 6.6 Isuzu Diesel 6 spd Allison Auto Trans 6331 miles.
When I come into a town and coast down from 70 mph to 40 mph the trans stays in 6th gear lugging the rpm to 1100. Needless to say it gets pretty jerky.

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      Mumsnet has thrown its considerable weight behind the No More Page 3 campaign. After several online discussions the parental website decided that there was sufficient support among its huge following to warrant the move. However, it is continuing to canvass its members in order to get a representative view. Mumsnet founder Justine Roberts writes on the site: "The implication of Page 3 is pretty ...
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      The Sun has challenged the growing anti-Page 3 campaign by linking the use of its topless models to a breast cancer awareness charity. It has joined forces with CoppaFeel! in order to encourage women to check their breasts on a regular basis. Three pages of today's Sun, including the whole front page, plus a leading article, are devoted to the initiative. The paper plans to make it a regular ...
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      Eleanor Mills, the editorial director of the Sunday Times, has underlined her opposition to The Sun's Page 3. In a radio interview yesterday, she revealed that she has raised the matter within Rupert Murdoch's News UK, the publisher of both titles: "I'm on the record as being opposed to Page 3. I think it's demeaning to women and I'm really not a fan and I've said this in meetings at News ...
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      PM says there is a distinction between images online, which he is trying to tackle with filters, and those in a newspaper David Cameron has insisted he is right to oppose a ban on Page 3 pin-ups despite his efforts to tackle online pornography. The prime minister said there was a difference between newspapers, which parents could keep away from children, and the internet, where youngsters could ...
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      STUDENT leaders have voted to ban The Sun from shops on Staffordshire University's campuses – in protest at its topless Page 3 beauties. The Students' Union is one of more than 30 across the country to stop stocking Britain's best-selling daily tabloid. The national campaign is calling for an end to the scantily-clad photos of models, claiming they degrade women. The newspaper is now no longer ...
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