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Engine lugs and wont downshift when coming off the hiway.?

2006 Chevy 3500 HD 6.6 Isuzu Diesel 6 spd Allison Auto Trans 6331 miles.
When I come into a town and coast down from 70 mph to 40 mph the trans stays in 6th gear lugging the rpm to 1100. Needless to say it gets pretty jerky.

Easiest CRAZY color to maintain in hair?

Alright so I am a natural dirty blonde, however right now my hair is a really light blonde. What is the easiest crazy color to maintain? By crazy, I mean red, blue, green, purple.. ect. Or what advice do you have? Really good products? Thanks (:

Ear Blowout?? What to do!?

Ok I was wondering I'm at a size 0g but I just found out I have a blowout only on my right ear i stretched too fast from 2 to 0 I know that now but my other ear is absolutely fine I was wondering if downsizing the one with the blowout will it really help the skin hanging out to go back in or will it just heal it or would it be better to not wear anything at all and start all the way from the beginning this is my first blowout so I'm kind of freaked. So does downsizing really help the skin go back in the ear?

Eyebrow flakes or something else?

I've been growing in my eyebrows. Recently, I've noticed what look like white flakes in my brow. When I pick them out, sometimes a hair will come out with it, and at the bottom tip of the hair will be a white bulb --- "the flake" I saw in the first place. What is That? We're those telogen hairs that were supposed to come out? Or am I forcing them out?

Explorer 2002, Can't turn on the radio AND the windows arent rolling down either?

Is there a fuse that controls BOTH?
I already took it to AutpPartsAnvances & they checked it, but they were working!-.-


everytime i try to launch dreamweaver trial version the pc get restarted?

i downloaded dreamweaver trial version from the adobe download assistant, but everytime i try to launch the software, my computer gets restarted .. y is that? is there any way to fix it?
i'm sure that i installed it well. cuz i don't need to much as the adobe download assistant does everything.

Elements of Crane's theme include:?

(A.] man's glorification of war is based on the false idea of courage in battle
(B.] some men fear nothing
(C.] all men, whatever their rank fear death
(D.] war is terrible
(E.] war is glamorous

Engine Oil Light FLASHING!?

Is it safe to wait for the Engine Oil Light to flash before topping up?

Exam revision - this is from a past exam and I cant find similar examples in lectures or textbook- please help?

Could you please help - studying madly for my exam, these are past years questions. My lecturer has gone overseas and I would greatly appreciate help.

For Q1 i I got 8.5 but then I'm not sure what is going to come out when the combine for other questions such as realVariable = ints

Given these declarations:
int int1 = 3, int2 = 2, int3 = 7, intVariable;
double float1 = 2, real2 = 6.0, realVariable;
boolean flag;

find the value assigned to the variable in each case:
i. intVariable = int1 / int2 + int3;
ii. realVariable = int1 / int2 + int3;

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