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Ford Focus SVT pros and cons?

I am not a huge fan of the ford focus but I found a little SVT for cheap with low miles. I know its a fast little car, 170hp but not much else about it. What are your thoughts?

Fahrenheit 451 Help... I DID read the book, and everything, but I'm still stuck. Anyone got any help?

n the country, Montag thinks about mildred and her possibly dying in the city when the war comes. I know he feels guilty because, though she is his wife, he does not imagine that her death will make him feel any sadness. What does Granger say about his grandfather to Montag when Montag's begins to think about mildred's possibly dying? How does Granger's message help Montag understand and deal with he way he feels when he thinks of Mildred's death?

I don't really want the Answer, Just some help with digesting the book... it's a little hard to understand.

Free online voice auto-tuner?

I'm looking for a free program, or a free site online that lets you auto tune ur voice..

First date tomorrow, so nervous and confused?

19 years old, female, uhh we met at work..hes real sweet. he wants to take me out to dinner and a movie, i really DONT know what to wear !... i was thinking of going to american eagle, what should i wear..? please help ladies.

Facebook question(so weird)?

This one girl who does not go to my school sent me a friend request. Should I reject it? I think I should.
I think she was the girl who was mean to me in middle school but I am not sure if it is her or somebody who I have never seen before. I do not think I should friend her.

Facebook won't let me login to my account?

When I try to login in it says the content is unavailable, but when I log into anyone elses account, it goes through just fine.
I went to look at my page from another friends page and my wall is blank.
Has anyone else had this happen to them? Is it just temporary?
Thank you :(
I don't know a Jerry?? Lol.
The exact message is: Content is currently unavailable, please check back later.
So I don't think my account was hacked / blocked or whatever.

Facebook asking what phone number is odd or even?

On facebook it says." Is your phone number an odd or even number? " What exactly does that mean? Because mine has, 7 odds. And 1 even. Does that just mean, the larger amount of X = Y ? Like, i have more odds, So I'd answer odd?
What do you mean, last number? Say, for example. XX-XXX-00( 4 ) So, even?

Find out how many channels im subscribed to on youtube?

THIS IS DRIVING ME INSANE! not that YT sucks because it always did since google, but because i cant find the solution any where on google search. Google's help doesnt mention the possibility at all and no one even asked about it on the internet! as it is on google reader i also need to know the number of channels iv subscribed to.\plees help 10 points 4 solution.

Finding friends on google plus.. HARD?

compared to facebook anyway.. im finding it hard to find my friends on google plus..

are there any tools you can use or is it just name based ? because theres like a million other people in the world with the same name as my friends.

Also I dont use instant messaging much so I cant use things like hotmail scanners or the like

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