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Gender bender yaoi question?

In anime, when a guy is turned into a girl and he's with another guy, is it still yaoi or not? I have a group on dA that doesnt accept yaoi and a drawing like this has been submitted, not sure what to do :-/. Thanks!

Grandparents bad drivers?

Ok so I have grandparents that are bad drivers and are a risk to others on the road and I wan't to know if there is a way I can dob them in to get like tested without them finding out it was me. I know this sounds cruel but there both physically incapable of driving safely, my grandfather has parkinsons and is very slow and i think shackey and the last time, which was ages ago, he drove in the bike land and my grandmother has said that she could almost fall asleep at the wheel. So is there anywhere I can dob them in to get tested?

Girls: Where do you like to shop?

For Christmas, my mom always gives me a bunch of money to go clothes shopping. I want some ideas on where to go. Please and thank you!

good tattoo to represent mom?

my mom died when i was 4, im 17 now and i want to get a tattoo to represent her.
what kind of tattoo would be good?
also what bird or animal would represent that?

good, reliable on-call taxi service in Auburn WA?

Hi guys,
Can anyone give me a reliable on-call taxi service company in Auburn, Washington? (on-call meaning no reservation needed) If it helps, I'm looking for a way to get to the Sea-Tac airport conveniently, with luggage.


Guys: What do you think of girls with rib/breast tattoos? Do you have any?

I'm getting a quote that is very important to me along the curve under my left breast. My friend says that almost every guy--be it with, or without tattoos on himself-- doesn't like a girl with tattoos. Is this true?
The quote I'm getting has text that is no bigger than, say, 3/4 inch in height and maybe six inches in length (rounding up for practicality). The letters are going to be in a fine, script

Green or Blue or Hazel eyes? Wich do you prefer?

Wich do guys prefer on girls Green, Blue or Hazel?
I am a mixed girl (black and white) with hazel eyes. People always compliment my
eyes i dont know why cus theirs alot of girls with pretty colored eyes.

Good quality laptops?

I reeeaaaally want a Macbook Air or Pro and I don't think anything else is as good as it. But, I can't get it for my birthday soon because it's so expensive, so what's other options that are good quality laptops?
Oh, and please make them under $800!

Good lighting for filming with colored walls?

I don't have a video camera yet, so when I film, I use my coolpix camera. I have two dark pink walls and two lighter pink walls, and whenever i film, they always make the picture look orange-ish. When I take a picture, it comes out fine, but the flash doesn't stay on during video mode, though hah. Any ideas on lighting?

Greece, England and the Balkanization of Eastern Europe?

Can someone tell me who is tha Baboon in this debate?

I stated more than a year ago, that the consequence of the British "fetish" for, and promotion of Greek independence from the Ottoman Empire resulted in the domino effect of ethnic particularism and revolution that undermined that Empire and led to the sectarianism, violence and overweening nationalism that describes many of the Balkan states (including Greece) to this day. That the British elites are responsible for the Balksnization of Eastern Europe.

A "knowledgeable" member of Yahoo, says "...

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