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is my youtube name dumb?

im a brony and my mlp oc name and youtube name is DjSoundWaves i do games and music

In Visual Studio 2012, how do I use Image map on windows form applications?

I am working on a school project using visual studio 2012.
My desired user interface is a picture where when they click certain parts some events will be made but the image map is not made for Windows Form Applications.

Is there a way to use image map on the form or form controls or do I need to find another method?

Is ozito a good brand?

I need to buy a welder and wanted to know whether ozito is a good brand

I HAVE A QUERY LIKE THIS should i make it a union instead?

if(a is null,something,something else),
if(a is null,something,something else),
if(a is null,something,something else)

should i convert it to a union query
select ... where a is null
union select .... where a is nut null

order is importent

I have a line of bullets how do I delete them?

I was formatting for Smashwords and had to remove all spaces between paragraphs. *** to show a change was taking place, but ended up with a line of bullets I cannot get rid of, can anyone tell me how to delete these in word 2007 thank you

I'm being pressured to use my raspberry Pi?

My dad is pressuring me quite hard to use my raspberry pi that one of his friends bought me... the problem is I just don't know what to do with it...

Is it possible to talk to the same stranger on omegle again?

I started using omegle yesterday, I talked with 10 people. But there is one of them I would like to talk to again, I accidentally disconnected while talking to them, so it is possible somehow to talk to them again??

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