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If i put 8 in my pep+, can i get a license with gear?

I want to get a license with gear but i have only my pep+.
can i get a license with gear by riding my pep+?
Please..... any one help me.........

I have a 1972 mustang fastback with a bored out boss 302 engine and I want to learn how to launch this beast. ?

I'm 17 and this is my first car I am going to restore it all and make it into a drag car it has the power for sure but I wish I knew how to launch as well what are some steps in making this baby into a mean dragster thank you

I need some dirt on capicorns ?

Ok so my ex friend is a crazy bitch and shes a capicorn I am a Virgo wasn't a good mix to began with but what are some of a capicorns traits are they sexual people are they sluts

is it compulsory that we need to start a diesel cars daily once?

If not for how many days once the car should be started. What will be the problem in this case if the car is kept without starting for more than stipulated days. what will be the cost incurred?

i am looking 4 a game i loved a while ago...assembly line donuts...2007 or 08.?

u had to get the donuts int the right machines...right toppings etc...plz HELP!!!

Is this truck a good deal?

A 2005 supercab f150. With 161 miles on it. For 3900? The body is all fine. Is it worth it?

Is this rig compatible?

Hello guys,
I've decided to build a computer myself, to reduce cost and get more for my money.

Installing Sapphire HD7870?

I'm trying to install my Sapphire HD7870 but have encountered a problem. I only have one molex free but I need two as it needs two 75 watt 6-pin connectors. The one molex available is also connected to a 12v fan via another molex.

Can anyone please suggest a way of installing this? Is it necessary to use a splitter, which I've been advised against?

If you need anymore information please ask.

Thank you in advance, Harry.

I'm seeking more Subbers/Fans, on my YouTube Account?

Hello my name is Amy...And as this topic reads. 'I'm seeking more Subbers/Fans, on my YouTube Account '

I make Fan Videos, I go by "Queen of Obscure Pairings" Over at Youtube.
People call me this, for they claim I have a talented for finding the rare and unnoticed characters in fandoms, or in the media. Then in turn, ship them together. I deal in crossovers, 'What If's.' Rarely shall I do cannon. You've been warned..
So I would love it, if you could take the time to browse my channel.

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