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java help (only loops)?

I have teh following loop (which is currently wrong):
double m = input.nextDouble();
double step = t/m;
for (double i = 0; i < t; i+=step)
for(double j = 0; j < v; j+=step)
occurrence.calcVelocityf(v, g, t);
v = occurrence.getVelocityf(v, g, t);
System.out.print(v.returnString() + "\t");


I.e. initial values the user enters e.g.

Java String class? Finding letter?

For Java (Dr.Java)

if it ask me to prompt for 3 words and if enter a statement "Emily says hi"

How do i get it to display at the result?? Like " eHs " ??

joe stalins rise to power?

what were some economic, political, and social factors that led to the rise of power of Joe Stalin

Jeep Grand Cherokee Heater and Leaking Coolant Problem?

About a week ago my heater just decided to stop working. The fan only blows cold air. After doing some research I found that it is a common problem in my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo for the heater blend doors to stop working. I assumed this was the problem and have been searching for the best and least expensive fix (about $80 for new doors)

Shortly after my heater quick working I was driving and my temperature gauge shot up to about 240 degrees and in the red zone. I popped the hood and discovered I was low on coolant.

just put new brake pads and rotors on 08 dodge caravan?

about 1 to 2 months ago and they just started grinding again ALOt.what could the problem be and how do i fix it?

javascript SPLIT command please help?

Hello !
var apple;

how can I get ABC from the apple string? (in other words, how can I get the exact data which is sitting between and ?

Jeep 1990 manual 6 cyl 4.0 liter not staying running?

Just bought this jeep today from a car lot and I was driving home after work and about 1/3 of the way home about 10 mins (which is a 30 min drive total) it died as I was coming to a stop light. I restarted it kept driving as I came to the next light it wanted to die the moment my foot came off the gas to hit the clutch and break. All the way home I had to rev it up while trying to stop with my left foot when coming to a stop. There is no clattering or abnormal sounds. Also we have replace plugs, plug wires, cap and roter. smells Rich in ruel under the hood So why is it doing this??? UGH

Joseph Stalin felt that U.S. foreign policy after World War II was hypocritical because the United States?

Joseph Stalin felt that U.S. foreign policy after World War II was hypocritical because the United States
A)was demanding territorial integrity in Europe but not in Asia.
B)was demanding democratic elections in Eastern Europe yet supported friendly dictatorships in Latin America.
C)refused to support democratic nations around the globe.
D)applied its containment policy only to the Soviets.

YOUR ANSWERS ARE MUCH APPRECIATED!!! i will be choosing a best answer :)

If possible please state where you got your information from :)

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