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Jeep cherokee sport?? need help?

it wont get fire to the coil, have changed the distribuatur and changed computer, what else could it be?


Given an array named sales that has been declared as double with 10 elements. Which of the following code segments will swap the value stored in sales(2) with the value stored in sales (7)?

1 2 3
sales (2) = sales (7); tmp = sales (2); tmp = sales (2);
sales (7) = sales (2); sales (7) = sales (2); sales (2) = sales (7);
sales (2) = tmp; sales (7) = tmp;

a. 3 only
b. 1 only
c. 2 and 3
d. 2 only
e. 1, 2 and 3

jose rizal's family tree?

I've been searching for Dr. Jose Rizal's family tree which shows 6 generations. Does anyone knows where I can find one? thank you! :)

jQuery +var+ ??? Explain, please what this means?

hey guys, help me please... Newbie in jQuery I would like someone to explain me what those "+" signs may mean when surrounding a variable. Thank you!

Jaguar S Type 3.0 V known problems?

Hi guys,

I am buying a Jaguar S type 3.0V. Can someone please tell me what to watch out for when buying?



julie kagawa's book the iron king?

ive read all of the iron fey series and im curious if they are going to be making a movie about the iron king? i keep seeing random small bits of info about it but nothing certain. im just wondering if anyone knows anything about it. thanks for anyones help <3

just started drawing w/ light?

are these 2 pictures okay for just starting?

Jean problem???????????

Ok so i have aeropostale jeans and when i wear them they stretch out, what jeans don't stretch our and are good for the butt

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