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Jean problem???????????

Ok so i have aeropostale jeans and when i wear them they stretch out, what jeans don't stretch our and are good for the butt

Justin Bieber is worse than Hitler!?

It's true but what do you think?

Jewelry Commercial, epic music and closeups?

It's an old commercial that I just cannot think of.

There are several "close-ups" of various pieces of jewelry, while dramatic, epic, orchestra music is playing.

Anyone know what this is? It's driving me insane!

Javascript onmouseover help!!?

My Javascript knowledge is still really bad, and I'm still learning so I don't know much about it yet, but I can't seem to fix this problem.

Java Write a Method that Returns the Floor of the argument?

Write a method named myFloor that will accept a type double value as an argument, and will compute and return a type dole value representing the floor of the argument. The floor is the largest whole number that is less than or equal to the given number.

I have:

public static double myFloor (double floor)
(int) floor;
(double) floor;
return floor;

Am I close to being right? Thank you for any and all help.

Java Write a Method that Rounds to the Nearest Penny?

Write a method named roundToPenny that will accept a type double value as an argument, and will return a type double value that is rounded to the nearest penny (to two decimal places).

I have:

public static double roundToPenny (double rounded)
rounded *= 100;
rounded +=0.5;
(int) rounded;
(double) rounded;
rounded /= 100;
return rounded;

Is this right? What should I change? Thank you for any and all help!

Jeep WJ (Grand Cherokee 1999-2004)?

Any reviews on the WJ?
Any suggestions to make it more snow worthy?
Best lift kits, snow tires, front and rear bumpers, roof racks.

Just any info on this car would be great!

Jack wills, yay or nay?

Okay so soon I'm meeting this actor but I'm meeting him as a fan. I don't really have much money so i don't always get the latest trends, clothes wise. But at christmas i got a jack wills top witch i love! Do you think i should where this top when i meet him? Because if i ever see him again i won't have any designer clothes on? He might see me in this and expect me to be one of those girls that always going shopping and has lodes of money? Btw I'm 13 nd hes 14. Please help me i really do'nt no what to do:/ xx

joomla for mobile contain?

I want to create a website for mobile contains ( ringtone, video, wallpaper) can some one please sugest joomla module

Just recently got insurance on my car, but car is no longer running. Should I cancel my insurance?

I am with State Farm. They already got my payment for 2 months. Not sure what to do. Car just recently decided to start acting up. Been working for at least 2 weeks on it and still nothing.

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