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Java question for loop help?

Confirm that the input is in the "legal" range of 0 to 100, inclusive.
If it isn't, then output a message saying that the input is out of range, and
then input a new integer from the user, to replace the illegal value.
Exit this confirmation loop only when the user's input is in the legal range

while (i <0 || > 100)


Jacobean era poem? Help !!?

Anyone know of a poem that best shows the chrateristics of the jacobean era(metaphysical or calvalier).

Just rambling, will you comment please?

Crumbling tenements surround
Gray lives, hope unseen,
a pick up game
chain linked, fence broken down
a crumbling court where they contort
fouls denied as were bruises
worn as badges after.
She, so young, clung to the metal
of her wish, "A girl, No way, GO!"
Rusted rim, sagging
net long gone, memories haunt
as hero's once, watched
young boys chiding
deriding, the strategy

"You think you got me?"

A slam, a tooth displaced,
bloodied lips smiled to play,
reverence in the moment disregarded
abandoned long, a field of honor
reclaimed by the nameless
in passed down Converse,
leaving imprints o

jeep grand cherokee has no signals or hazzards?

I have no turn signals or hazard lights or sounds in my 99 jeep grand cherokee.
I checked the fuses. All of them are good.

bulbs are good
My 1999 jeep's relay isn't on the passenge's side

Junkyard 4bt cummins price?

How much should i pay at a junkyard for a decent condition 4bt? People are telling me a 6bt (12 valve) might be cheaper.

Just ran out of eyebrow pencil?!?

So I'm stuck here til tonight and just remembered I ran out of my eyebrow pencil.. I have some eyeshadow but I'm scared my eyebrows are gonna look weird does anyone have any quick tips on a replacement? I can't go to da store..

Jeep Liberty or Volkswagen Touareg?

I'm about to purchase a used Touareg or Liberty.

The Touareg has 59,000 miles and is a 2005. The monthly note is only $250 and the down payment is 1500!

The Jeep Liberty I'm not sure but it will have under a 100,000 miles.

I have owned a Volkswagen before and it was fine. I know a mechanic who fixed my previous 2002 VW Cabrio for the same price as any American car so the maintenance should not be as expensive. Or should it?

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