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Just had my airbags replaced with used ones at a shop. I forgot to have them fix my horn. is it to late?

I was in a wreck.
The bags deployed and somehow caused the horn to stay on till it finally sounded like it died.
It hasn't worked since and now even after the used airbag replacement it still doesn't work.
idk if its a switch behind the airbag that went wrong? or maybe the horn it self? (i dont know much about cars) but is it to late to have them fix it? and or is it simple enough so i can do it myself?

Javascript to change background color!?

"Write a JavaScript script that will change the background of a web page based on the day of the week.

An earlier text example demonstrated how to set the background color of a page using JavaScript. In Module 3, you saw more features of the Date() object in JavaScript. Combine these to allow your web page to query the current date (accessing the day of the week code), and then to select from a set of seven web safe colors of your choice to set the current page background."

I've gotten most of it I think... but it won't work. plz help! its due at midnight!

Just replaced Renault megane stereo with a pioneer I get power no sound ..?

A few questions on this site are similar and most say the car as a hidden amp. As this model..?

JYP/SM/YG audition for guys?

hi, im planning to audition for one of the above entertainment companies in korea. but i have many questions. if u could help me that'd be great. but please only post information if you can back it up with statistics, research, or personal experience. Thanks! :)

1. Right now im 16. i plan to train at home for about 2 years here until i submit an audition vid or go to korea to audition. that means i will be either be about 18 or 19 when i audition. is that too old?

2. i'm a korean american living in the U.S with a U.S citizenship. i have heard sm only chooses people that live in korea.

jcpenney website won't let me check my work schedule?

when i click on jTime launchpad it doesnt let me see my work scheduale for jcpenny it says it will open in a new window but it never opens a window...????

jackets, Where can I find?

Legitimate Web site, please give me a choice?

Just got a Lamborghini what colour should I make it cause I don't like yellow?

Just got a Lamborghini It is yellow but I dint like the colour what colour should it be

Juvenile fiction book, can't think of the title?

I read this book several years ago, and the idea of it has recently interested me. I believe it was a story focused on a young boy who went to a special academy-school (which had three "categories" of students, maybe art and music and theatre, I think). His friends at school were kind of quirky an they all had paranormal abilities. For instance, he had a female friend who would put on a glove or piece of clothing and could feel the emotions of the person who had worn it before her. The main character himself could do something with time or invisibility or something.....

Jessica rules the dark side?

So, I just read Jessica's rules to dating on the dark sidee and I really enjoyed it. I went online and looked for a sequel and a found a website where people were commenting on the book saying it was a great read, simple things like that. So, I went on amazon to buy the book online and it said that the book was set to be released in 2012. How are people getting their hands on this book when it hasn't released yet? That kind of confuses me. Anyways, here's the website I found with the comments:


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