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Just wondering: Vampirefreaks working?

Is loading for anyone else?? Because I have attempted to go on the site all day long and it has not worked for me. I am just wondering if it was just me or a problem with the site. Thank you!

Java stream cipher encryption/decryption?

I need to create encryption/decryption program in java.
I am able to import the plaintext and store it as a string.I generated the random number with seed (99). Now I need to convert each letter to hex before I can do the XOR. right? and then store the result to create cipher text file. I hope I got this right, because I have no programming background.

JustUnfollow Membership D:?

Got my bill today it shows like $15 for membership fee. Idk if it's for a month or a year. Anyone knows how to cancel the membership ? Or will it cancel itself? Will it continue to charge me? Help help help :(

junkers in sanantonio texas?

am looking for an older gm 2 door hard top square front like say 80's to build dirt track car ,,,where can I find junkers in san antonio texas, rolling chassey or needs engine rebuild etc.

jeans are shrinking? pls help!?

ok so i have some super skinny jeans that are levis i want to strech them out so they wont be so skinny is there a way i can do it? they are 99 perc. cotton and 1perc. spandix thanks for all the help!!

Just wondering how bad do Nipple piercings hurt?

I want to know how bad nipple piercings hurt? Im pretty good with pain, i even laughed when i got my tattoo cuz it just tickled and didn't hurt basically at all on my wrist.

Ive had a few piercings. (naval, lip, nose, ear cartilage, tongue (which this was done totally wrong so it was just horrible uncomfortable but i didn't cry)) Ive never cried through any of my piercings. I also do have gauges in ears 12g. Which didn't hurt stretching at all.


Hey guys. I'm working on a program and created a test driver for it only to get the java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError Exception in thread "main"

So I dumbed it down to a simple "Hello World!" and I'm still getting the error.

I'm programming in Eclipse and have no experience with running programs from the command line or anything like that. I've googled the error and all I find is stuff about changing the class path and messing with files and things, but I don't have any idea what they're talking about. Can somebody translate the solution for me please?

Just how unhealthy is southern California's smog?

Answer added in topic Science.Barry Edwards

Just put 100ml of gasoline fuel in a diesel engine car. Is that going to be a problem?

So I just went to the gasstation with a car that's not mine. Somebody told me it was a Diesel but when I put the thing in the tank, and just quickly touched the handle, I saw that is runs on gasoline. The tank was completely full and it's only 100 ml that came in...
Is it going to be a problem?

Joomla image problem!!?

everything on my site works fine until i added some social media icons in the footer... i did this in the index.php and it works fine on the homepage, the images show as they should. but in all the other pages it just shows a broken link! why is this?

thanks for any help! 10 points for anyone that can solve it for me :p

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