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java creating string objects?

what are the differences between those two statements?about memory allocation etc?can someone explain explicitly?
String myString="some string";
String myString=new String("some string");

Justify the connection between Trans-Atlantic slave trade and the creation of Latin America colonies.?

Justify the connection between Trans-Atlantic slave trade and the creation of Latin America colonies.


Just wondering about Nape Piercings...?

When I'm a bit older, I want a nape piercing (one of the surface piercings on the back of the neck) and I was just wondering, maybe compared to getting ears or navel done (since I have them both done) how much does it hurt, or on a scale of 1 to 10. Also i want to know about its rate of rejection and how long it takes to heal :)

And also a really good place to get this piercing done in Sydney or Adelaide (both in Australia)

Thanks :)

Java applet please help?!?

I have to make 3 circles and fill in their centers and connect lines from each center and if circle one has its center at (100, 100), circle two at (250, 100) and circle three at (180, 200) and all circles have a radius of 50, what coordinates should I use to start and end each circle at so that everything is even? I thought it would be half of the first number and 50 more of the second number but that's not right.

jobs that wont allow piercings?

so im only 13, but im thinking about a cartilage piercing. i know its early to think about a job and future but im worried. i specifically want an office job. like a vet. what jobs would have issues with cartilages? i also 3 on my lobe of the ear

Just bought a 05 Honda cbr600rr?

I just bought a Honda cbr600rr black with the brown tribal decals. Two of the fairings are a little scratched where in the he'll can I find just the 2 instead of the whole kit, and I can't find the decal I have anywhere

jane 69 mustang with bad tranny worth?

This car lot has a gorgeous 69 mustang, plain jane really but still bad ass, its got a bad transmission, and needs some interior cosmetic work: no stereo or speakers etc. How much do you think it would \ should be worth? If it matters its located in California. I can add more details if requested.

JC penny ring sizes - same as other stores?

does anyone know how JC penny ring sizes are compared to forever 21 or American eagle ring sizes??
I usually wear a size 7 at both those stores
i was wondering if JC penny had any difference in their ring sizes too
since I only see size 7 as the smallest size for all the rings so do they just not make size 6 or is their size 7 equivalent to a size 6 in forever 21?

please tell me if the ring sizes at JC penny are the same as forever 21!
and by the way I can't go try it on in stores cuz i dont live near a JC penny & having to return it is too much of a hassle...

Jane Eyre The Red Room!?

How is Jane Eyre's use of the Red Room interesting?

I am really stuck on my English Homework and I have lost all my notes I would like some ideas to expand on
the homework is the question above.


Just because everyone else is doing it :)?

What would you rate me out of 10??
And why?

Thanks! :)

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