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jane 69 mustang with bad tranny worth?

This car lot has a gorgeous 69 mustang, plain jane really but still bad ass, its got a bad transmission, and needs some interior cosmetic work: no stereo or speakers etc. How much do you think it would \ should be worth? If it matters its located in California. I can add more details if requested.

JC penny ring sizes - same as other stores?

does anyone know how JC penny ring sizes are compared to forever 21 or American eagle ring sizes??
I usually wear a size 7 at both those stores
i was wondering if JC penny had any difference in their ring sizes too
since I only see size 7 as the smallest size for all the rings so do they just not make size 6 or is their size 7 equivalent to a size 6 in forever 21?

please tell me if the ring sizes at JC penny are the same as forever 21!
and by the way I can't go try it on in stores cuz i dont live near a JC penny & having to return it is too much of a hassle...

Jane Eyre The Red Room!?

How is Jane Eyre's use of the Red Room interesting?

I am really stuck on my English Homework and I have lost all my notes I would like some ideas to expand on
the homework is the question above.


Just because everyone else is doing it :)?

What would you rate me out of 10??
And why?

Thanks! :)

jane eyre why is mr. rochester use a gypsy disguise?

a. hide from mr mason's presence
b. discover jane's feelings for him
c. reinforce the idea that grace pool was insane
d. discourage jane's intentions of moving to ireland

Java: use only the first integer of input?

I'm taking a beginning programming class in Java, and I'm trying to write a program that prompts the user to enter his height as 5 6 if he's 5 ft, 6 inches. I then have to convert this value to inches, but how do I assign a variable to only the first integer entered?

java frame pls help me?

wt is the keyword for getting the label of a checkbox in java frame.....................also wt is the keyword to process a string...
thtt is to print a string in the framewindow

Just out of curiosity, which part of my ancestral background shows up in my facial features?

I'm mostly Scotch Irish, English, French, and a little bit of Cherokee Indian. Based on my picture, what part of my ethnicity shows up?

Java -- Output the 10th Bit of x?

Compute and output the value of bit #10 of x.

int z = x << 21; //make bit #10 the Msb
z = z >>> 31; //makes bit #10 the Lsb

So, I add 21 zeros to the right of the binary of x. Assign it to z.
Then I drop 31 digits on the right of z. The final z is the 10th digit of the binary.
But how does x << 21 make bit #10 the Msb? The bits greater than #10 disappears?

And what does this mean:
int mask = 1024;
int y = x & mask;
y = y >> 10;

I also have to do :
x sets bit #10 of z(i.e. makes it 1) and clears bit #11 (i.e. makes it 0).
x interchanges (i.e.

Jessica Mcclintok dress!!?

i saw a dress about two years ago and i loved it but its not on the website anymore. i have checked all year long. It's a short prom dress with a silky texture and has 3 gold chains that drop from the bottom of the breast to the hips. DO ANY OF YOU KNOW THE STYLE # ; PICTURE OF IT; OR EVEN KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT?! PLEASEEEEEEEEEE!

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