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Laptop won't play Discs?

My laptop Disc drive worked fine until recently, but now it wont read any discs, it shows the drive as still there and functioning normally, yet won't read anything, I even bought an external drive to try and once again it sees the drive but wont read anything, I ran a deep care cycle on ASC and still nothing, I don't know what to do.

looking for a website where i can buy mountain gear brand boots(hiking boots) from .?

mountain gear is a kinda knockoff of timberland and has several different styles of boots to its name every year.

laptop only holds (full capacity) 97.5 gb on the C drive, its changed. Need answers?

Just a few days ago i checked my c drive and the amount my laptop hold was something in the 600's gb, (cant remember exact amount) Now i mean that is the MAXIMUM the whole c drive holds, not how much is free. Just now as i was cleaning out my computer i noticed it only holds 97.5 GB! (like 32.7 free of 97.5 gb) I cant understand this, how do i have so little space on my computer, i though only the free space is effected usually. Does anyone know what could have caused this?

Logitech mouse help battery?

what is the recommended AA battery for a Logitech mouse

Looking for processor anyone know where to get one?

I'm looking for a AMD AM2 slot processor that runs at least 3.2GHz anyone know where I can get one? thanks (:

Lip ring sinking into back of lip?

the back of my stud is sunken down all the way into my lip. no matter how much i keep it away from my lip. it still sinks inside it. and when i wake up the back of my skin is all the way formed over it and i have to push it through. what the hells going on with my lip !?

Looking for songs to go with the story of my book?

Basically, this is the plot for the story.

"Jeannie Sutherland comes back to live with her father in Sanctuary Hallows, across the other side of the country, Odonia, having lived with carer, Clara for ten years, since she was seven years old when her Mum died in a suspicious car accident.
She had originally moved away from Sanctuary Hollows when she was five years old as her Mum is a witch and was in danger.

Looking for a Persian Farvahar Vinyl Decal for my car?

I'm looking for a Persian Farvahar Vinyl Decal for my VL. I want to stick it on my rear window does anyone know where I could find one in Melbourne?

Something like this:

Ladies - What size shoe do you wear?

I wear a (US) women's size 6.
How stretched out/ruined or ripped would my shoes be if you managed to squeeze your foot into them?
First one that thinks they would or could stretch them to the point of ripping gets the points!

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