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Need phone speech converted to pc text?

How can I read in text on my pc from voice landline phone? I'm hearing impaired and it would be great to see what people are saying, because words are hard to understand

Number to YouTube complaint?

What number do I call to complain about harassment. I need it ASAP cause it's getting bad they posted a video of me dancing in a sexy outfit that I sent them 2 years ago. I need it off the internet

nissan almera 2001 for breaking?

a guy was asking me to sell him my nissan almera 2001, the timing chain is gone i think, so its not running, how much do you think i should ask?

nail experts... please help!!!!?

im not sure if my nail designs and blog is any good. will you please check it out for me and let me know what you think. thank you so much. :)

Need advice, Want to temp. dye my hair but I have highlights?

Over the summer I dyed pieces of my hair a sandy blonde, mind you I have light brown hair. The sun ended up making some of the highlights super blonde. I want to dye my hair a light brown/auburnish color with the 28 wash temp dye. What's going to happen to my highlights?

Need help identifying a painting but I don't know the name or the artist?

It's a painting of a man and woman standing in front of a gate. All you see is their backs. The man is fiddling with a ring of keys and the woman is looking noticeably impatient. I believe the painting is about man and woman trying to get back into the garden of eden.

Need advice/help with an idea in my story (will give best answer. Please read details!)?

Alright, I already tried asking this but I figured the question was too long, so I'll cut to the chase this time. I'm currently typing out a huge plan for a big story I'm kind of writing, on-and-off, between planning. I really, really could do with some help with an idea.

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