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On the pain scale how much does it hurt to get your ears pierced?

On a scale 1-10 how bad does it hurt? Please be honest.

Ok motorcycle help me?

I'm 21 ok can drive mom and won't let me get a motorcycle they say I have space decision problem were I knead to make quick and snap choices bull shot got a 50 cc scooter should I wait when I move out and get a motorcycle and say to my family Kidd my but fu or how can I convince my parents to let me get a fucking motorcycle not a pease if shit taoto 50 cc scooter posses me off so much because of a doctor Can't be happy help

only one side of car speakers work?

i have a 1990 honda civic hatchback , and the right side was just working but then didnt. i just bought these new 6.5" and put them in. is it the wire? only the left side is working.

Opinions on this prologue? Is it too long, or confusing?

That quarantine zone, though ordered under a level seven lockdown, was perfectly defenseless. That monstrosity managed to tear apart the massive steel pylon and breach the outer barrier with ease, a catastrophe that the Director never could have imagined to befall Sector 13. But as he spun his fingers counterclockwise on the rotation disc in his desktop, the proof rewound and played again before his eyes.

On a scale of 1 to 10 how bad do tattoos actually hurt?

I'm very curious, as i want a lot of my body covered.

I ask my friends who are older and they mostly say it doesn't...but like i think they say that to look all bad and stuff haha...

Also if you can answer this too, where are the worst places to get tattooed?

Is it bad on boney type places more so? Thanks in advance by the way :)
I'm probably getting my calf done first but i want my arms and other places

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