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Question: What's a good car for a teenager to buy?

I don't care at all about flash. I'm looking at cost effectiveness-I want something that has good gas mileage and is sturdy and/or won't be too hard to fix if it...

Question: Modifying the 2014 Audi S5?

Is the Audi s5 a car that is worth buying and doing minor modifications on. I feel like the new BMW 335i could be a better choice as far as...

Question: Multiple amps going into protection mode...?

I have two 2ohm DVC 12" CompVR's in a dual ported box. I have it wired to two ohms. I have a planet audio anarchy 2500.1m and every time I...

Question: I accidentally got on the wrong train. What now?

I accidentally boarded amtrak instead of transit due to me being in a rush and also ignorant. My train and this one came at almost the same time. Since I didn't...

Question: Im very interested in getting a car that i can tune. iv did some older trucks but wont to do something not muscle.?

I would like a Toyota supra but the mk4 is way to expensive. I'm wondering if the mk3 would be a good start even tho its as heavy as some of the trucks I...

Question: 1976 Johnson 6 hp parts help?

I have a 1976 Johnson 6 hp seahorse.
I am having trouble finding impeller housing for it. Is it interchangeable with anything else...

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