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which do you recommend me?
JL Audio 10W3v3-4 OR Bostons Acoustics G3

questions about salvaged cars?

i have couple questions about salvaged cars

where do you buy them? (not salvaged cars that are fixed but that are in need of repair)
how do you determine if there is frame damage
and any extra comments would be appreciated.

Question about my 1994 Toyota Camry not starting?

Hi there,
I went to start my car today and to my surprise it wont start. It switched over (a really weak sputtering) but never fully started up.
I'm suspecting something is wrong with my battery but it may be worse... I hear you can also bang on the started but I have no idea what it looks like or where it's located.

On a side note, the other day It would start then about 10 seconds later it would actually "stall" it even happened while I was a light (I had to keep the engine revved up to keep it from stalling).
I'm guessing this is related to my problem.
Any advice??

Question about Hunter rain boots?

I want to get the navy ones. Which one would look nicer the glossy ones or the normal ones. If anyone has hunter boots could you please take a picture and she me how they look like on. thanks!

Question about Google Adsense?

What is the minimum amount of money I need to have to be paid. I currently have about $20 this month and want to work up to about $500 to get my first check.

Question about lowering a car?

So i jus bought some adjustable lowering spring for my integra and my friend and other people i khow who have goten there carls lowered told me that you dont nead to buy the strut for it but yesterday i went to the mechanic and he said he would do it but i nead to buy the struts first and then he will do it. So questin is can he just intall the springs with the stock strut or do i have to get new ones???

Questions about 'The Life of Nero' by Suetonius?

How are Nero and Claudius characterized in 'The Life of Nero' by Suetonius? and how reliable exactly is Suetonius' account?

This is part of my studying for college exams and I'm quite stressed about it. Could you please give me also some pointers about what the key parts of the text/story are??! Thank you!

Question about buying a new car (financing and getting the best deal)?

I am going to be buying a new car for the first time, a 2012 Mazda3. Anyhow, I am wanting to get the best deal by having several local Mazda dealers compete for my money. When I fill out a finance application form, do all of the local Mazda dealers have access to that loan application info or do I have to fill out finance applications at every single local dealer that I want included in the competition for my money?
Thanks for the response.

I don't think any banks are offering 1.9% financing, which is what I will be getting on my loan.

Quick question about 350z... Could someone help?

Will putting a turbo on the car hurt the engine? or will the car run completely fine with the turbo?

Question about US to UK size conversion?

Ok so I'm on an American clothing website, a lot of the items I'm browsing are 'free size' and are said to fit a small-medium American girl. I'm a UK size 10 so would that mean the American clothes would fit me?

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