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Question: Can a clogged exhaust cause acceleration problems?

When I accelerate the car feels like its trying so hard and it barley can push over 26MPH, the shop changed the throttle and the issue still persists, the shop...

Question: Troubles with accelerating?

I have a 99 camaro and today while I was accelerating to get onto the highway my car started to shake. It felt like something was slipping and...

Question: Car seat anchors?

I'm curious to know if car seat anchors that go under the seat are pretty universal or if they are unique to the vehicle. I'm looking to get the two under my seat...

Question: MINECRAFT: Design my Lobby?

You have to be able to tell what kind of plugins are needed to design the lobby. The games signs I want are: Factions...

Question: System Video Memory?

Why System use 64mb of my graphic card?Wen i play some game that game use System Graphic Memory too?

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