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question on dual intake setups?

is there a point? like the nissan gtr's i can understand because its twin turboed but the nissan 350z nismos are twin intakes and they're naturally aspirated. is it just fancier looking or is there a power increase? porsche does the same thing but again the cars are twin turboed.

Question about hairstyles?

Hi, I feel a little strange asking this question but:
I'm a 16 year old boy and I'm trying to find a hairstyle and I kind of need help. I know it will be hard to answer this because theres no real pic.
Anyway I have dark brown hair and green eyes, cool skin tone. Any advice? Like wavy hair, flat.
I was thinking of trying to find something that looks real casual yet really classy.
All help is wanted. Thanks.

Question about tablet computers?

Can you use (video) with the motorola xoom?
Or any tablet for that matter?


how does your view of God affect your belief about the type,purpose,and role of government??

Question about Switzerland ?

I am headed to Switzerland in a few weeks and will be going to Zermott. Lauterbaum Engelberg. Zurich. Over 5 days

Which ticket should I get?

Swisspass. Flexipass. Etc. ???? Thanks!

Question about car insurance?

Passed my test today!! :D
Was wondering what kind of insurance prices people started paying. I want either a ford ka (Been quoted like £2,000) or a Peugeot 207 or something like that.
Just wanted to know what other people pay for there car when they first passed?
Im 20 lol!!

Question on the novel "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding?

I need a true statement from the novel to prove this question right:
You can lie to others, but not to yourself.

Thanks !

Question about velcro rollers?

Hi everyone,

I recently bought some velcro rollers as i have promised myself i will not put heat on my hair again as i have damaged my hair:(

Anyway i was looking up tutorials and all videos you have to put some kind of heat on your hair to set the rollers.... would i get the same result if i let my hair dry with rollers naturally??

Questions about dying hair?

-How long would this take to dye?
-Would my hair have to be bleached to get the blonde color? I just want the blonde as highlights shown in the picture. I have reddish-brown colored hair, and it's only semi permanent dye. The last time I went to the salon, they bleached it because I had black hair and I really don't want my whole head bleached again.

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