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Question about The Help...?

Why did Constantine (Skeeter's maid) really quit?
Also, what happened to Skeeter's mom toward the end?

Questions about a connecticut yankee in king arthur's court?

What lessons does the main character, Hank learn throughout the book?? any ideas anyone

Qeuestion about ABS and cruise control not working?

Recently, the ABS and cruise control on my saab 9-3 sport sedan stopped working, I sent it to the dealer and they ran it through computer it showed speed sensor failure. The mechanic checked the car and said that my wheel bearing was bad so I bought the hubs for my front wheels with ABS sensors. However, I searched online that cruise control and ABS spontaneous failure could also be triggered from Vehicle Speed Sensor. However, on the other hand my speedometer does work, which is weird.(I suppose VSS failure will make speedometer stopped working).

Questions regarding my confidence?

Hey, I'm writing because I feel insecure about myself - I recently turned fifteen and ever since I was a little kid people have been commenting on all sorts of things about me;

My head's 9.1 inches in height, which is above average for a grown man from what I'm aware of.. my nose is huge too, and my hair is completely flat and soft.. people keep touching my hair, and I'm also blond and I'm extremely thin for my age even though I eat quite a lot..

It's like..

Question about ballet? Pls help?

I'm almost 18 and I've just started(yesterday) ballet classes. We've done lots of exercises at barre. I don't have a natural turnout so whenever we had to do exercises in turnout it caused my knees pain. I told my teacher but she said it's ok but I don't think so. Have you ever felt pain in your knees? And I'm sure it's not because it was the first day because whenever I stand in turnout it hurts on my knees. Also I wanted to ask what should I do because my leg bones keep cracking and popping.

Question about Nissan Versa accessories?


the all new nissan versa 2012. if you go for the highest model, SL, it comes equipped with 2 of the three packages that the car offers in all, and included in that is bluetooth and-- what im trying to focus on -- an interface for iPods.

cool, right? i also sat in an SL model with standard packages and it had a button that says "iPod". But what i didnt see was a USB port to plug in the ipod.

then i looked at the 3rd package, the one that doesnt come standard on the highest model, which includes navigation, xm radio.. and..

Questions about a belly button piercing?

Is it often for the piercer to numb your bellybutton?

Does it hurt to sit in certain positions the day you get it pierced?

How long roughly did you have to wait before changing it?

And would you find it acceptable for someone who is average size to get one? I have a flat stomach, but I'm 'wider' because I have an hour-glass shape or whatever.

Thank you :)

Questions about getting my first driver's license?

Alright two simple questions that i hope can be answered. When i take my test would a crack in my windshield matter? And is a class D test the right test for my license?

question about automobile repair?

the dealer was going to charge me 1300 dollars. i moaned and told them i was going to report them. magically after this threat my bill was brough down to 480 dollars. the end result was that they did some work and charnged a tiny little part but it wasn't why i brought the truck in. my abs is still not working and my brakes are still pulsating and the repair the brakes lights are still on.

Question about dying my hair?

I have natural darrrk brown hair. I dyed it dark red with bright red highlights. To do the highlights, I needed to bleach my hair. It faded to blonde after a while, and I want to dye it back to dark brown. Is it ok to box dye it? (it was professionally done the past 3 times.)

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