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Question: Can car engines spit grease?

Is it possible for a car engine to "spit" grease at you while you have the hood propped up? And under what circumstances?

Question: $10,000 Budget For a Nice Car?

I'm looking to buy my first car and I would like to find something used that looks nice, doesn't use too much gas, is reliable and doesn't break down...

Question: Amp is blowing fuses?

I wired up my car stereo in my house using a car battery. I am grounding everything strait to my battery. Also I have no way to...

Question: What family car should I get?

I am searching for several options on family cars. I like lots of space and good gas mileage. I would like 5 seater at least 2 seats up front and 3...

Question: How do I remove the radio from my 94 Lincoln continental?

i believe I need to remove the dash to take out the radio. Does anyone know how to do this?

Question: 06 Nissan 350z headlight ballast?

Recently a rainstorm past through and my passenger low and high beam went out. Turn signals and the dim lights work still just no low/high beam. I took...

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