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Question: Software Development cost or is something out there already?

First let me state that I have no programming experience whatsoever. I'm trying to determine how much it would cost to develop the following software. I...

Question: Does uninstalling the Disk Drive in Device Manager lock out access to my computer?

I was trying to get rid of a bunch extra virtual drives on my computer because they had corrupted for some reason and the virtual drive program that made them wouldn...

Question: USB Mouse keeps malfunctioning on all computers?

This happens on all the computers I have, and it's the only USB mouse I have, too. It's pretty old, but, like I said...

Question: I made a account over two weeks ago. Why does it still say "pending approval"?

I don't understand and its quite frustrating since I see job opportunities on the site every day but i cant apply for any of them.

Question: What do I do to get my apps to work again?

I have a toshiba computer and the apps won't work if they require internet. Help? I'm 15 years old and just want my computer to work again. I usually know how to fix these...

Question: 'Can I run splinter cell conviction with an radeon HD 8670 graphics card?

Also along with the graphics card I have an AMD a10 quad-core processer in a laptop. I'm hoping it could on anything AMD thank to whoever takes the time answer...

Question: How to export iMovie video to desktop?

ok, so i made a video on iMovie that's almost 2 minutes long and i'm trying to export it to my desktop. I clicked on 'share', and it gave me the...

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