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question about history?

assume a German victory in 1945, but now move ahead to 2013, the 80th anniversary of Hitler's rise to power. Hitler himself is long dead. European Jews were exterminated during the war, and have ceased to be a political issue, even if their eradication remains a source of guilt for other nations. But time moves on and the world has, on the whole, managed to accept and adapt to the idea of a German-dominated Europe in which the Nazis, now devoid of its 1st-generation manic leaders, seems pretty reasonable and efficient after all.

Question about xenon hid kits?

i have a 2006 saab 9-7x, i have been buying bulbs left and right for the headlights to look like they are xenon. none of them work good but look great. i am ready to just give up on buying hid look halogen bulbs and want to buy an hid xenon conversion kit. considering the saab headlights already have the stock projectors, will this effect the brightness of the hid conversion bulbs?

Questions for my Nova's rear axle and suspension.?

My first question, i currently have 4:10 gear ratio on my 74 nova its a street car so Im switching to 3.73 gear. What exactly does a shop do? Are the gears part of the drive or part of the axle?, which leads to my next question. My axle is rusted idk what size it is but it has a posi. Do i have to replace my whole axle? if so where do i purchase one? I still want posi on my next axle. if i need a new axle. so do i switch my gear then get a new axle or can i get an axle with the 3.73 ratio and positrac together? Also im wanting to buy an air spring g-link suspension.

question about a V8 engine?

this is probably a really stupid question...but, could a V8 run on 7 pistons..cause i'm buying a truck that has a "Broken" one for $500, and i wondering this because if so, replacing the piston wouldn't be my first priority...also whats the average cost to replace a piston, and would it be safe to drive it short distances(around in a small town)..please take into mind, that i have VERY limited knowledge in this area, so if you could please explain your answer as simple as possible

Question about google adsense?

ok so i have a channel which is already hooked up to adsense.
but now second channel has been picked to be able to connect to adsense. if i hook both those youtube accounts to adsense will i be able to know how much money each account makes?
also will i be able to tell how much money i make from blogger ads? separately or will they all be together?

Question about perms? time frame?

I got a perm in May. It is now November. How long should I wait before getting another?

Questions about the civil air patrol?

I'm about to get my private pilot's license and have lately been contemplating joining either the navy or air force to become a jet pilot. But after reading what it takes I kind of got discouraged about trying it. But then I started reading about the civil air patrol and I have a few questions. Firstly, what would I do for the most part as a pilot in the CAP? Is the CAP part of the military? Is it a good way to build hours towards a commercial rating or airline transport rating and is it free to fly their aircraft?

Question about Clinique Makeup?

I recently learned that Clinique tests on animals.:( Does anyone know of a good dupe for their Almost Lipstick in Black Honey? Thank you!:) Maybe something from MAC.?

Questions on the Revolutionary war!?!?

Hi! I need desperate help!!! I have to finish this fast because I'm really tired and need to go to bed and its due tomorrow! Please answer anything you can:

1. Name 3 causes and effects of the revolution.

2. Why were those 3 reasons important, in other words, why did you pick those three?

3. Compare and contrast George Washington's view of the war with King George III view. (We need to make a venn diagram so 4-5 on each side and in the middle for both)

4. Why did King George pass the Tea Act?

5. What was the result of the Stamp Act and why was it important?


Question about Clutch Cable Adjust Lock Screw and Nut..Please Help!?

I have a '98 KE100 that I just ordered a new clutch cable for online. I just noticed I am missing the clutch Cable Adjust Lock Nut(8mm) and the Cable Adjust Screw(8mm). They are the little hollow screw and the nut with the space in it that is connected to the clutch lever and the cable runs through them. It took a long time to ship here, and I'm wondering if I can easily find the screw and nut elsewhere. My questions are: Is this nut and screw universal (8mm) for all dirtbikes, meaning I could probably use the same one from another dirtbike, even though mine is a more rare enduro dirtbike?

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