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Question: A song for the talent show?

I want to sing a song at my high school talent show, but I need help. I want to sing a song that is not too upbeat but not depressing. Any suggestions...

Question: Who was the secratary of agraculture in wasington d c in 1977?

who was the under secratary of agraculture for the united states of america in 1977

Question: Dressing as Maria Theresa of Austria?

I have decided to dress as Maria Theresa of Austria for history dress up day at my school. I have my dress already but does anyone have any...

Question: The theme for "Where the lilies bloom" by Vera and Bill Cleaver?

So I'm doing an essay about the theme and I was thinking if "Things change for the better" would be a good theme. Here are...

Question: Does anyone know where I can read/download Manga Classics: Les Misérables for free?

I really want to read it but can't find it anywhere. I am unable to buy it or go to a public library to borrow it so the Internet is the most convenient.

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