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Question: Scariest Campfire story?

Going camping this weekend and we are gonna tell scary stories around the campfire. I wanna tell a scary story that could probably make everyone scared and maybe s**t...

Question: Bathroom painting?

I'm going to paint the bathroom but while prepping, the paint on there is peeling and when I try to sand the walls the paint gets into clumps...

Question: Creative Writing question, Help?

So if I were to say something like

billy and I were sitting next to a stranger with a, please go away kind of attitude.

how could have this make sense?

Question: Did the North oppose slavery because they thought it was morally wrong, or because they did not want to see black people.?

I heard somewhere that people who were antislavery did not want to see black people; that is why they did not like slavery, because they don't want black people in their...

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