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Question: I feel fat when I'm super skinny?

So I'm 17 and I am 104 pounds. A lot of people told me I am so skinny, but I don't feel that skinny. In fact, at times...

Question: Im 16, will my tattoos grow out and look ugly?

will my chest,back, and sleeve tattoos not look like they do now; a few years later?

Question: What to wear with jordan slippers?

My friend gave me his old white one, and i took it because free slippers. But i have no idea what to wear with it, can anyone help?

Question: What's up with the sizing charts for women's clothing?

I weigh 139 pounds. My waist is 38 inches. The clothing charts online all say I should wear a size 16 to 18 pants. Yet...

Question: Can I mix aloe vera gel with raw organic apple cider vinegar with Aztec secret indian healing clay?

I know these are a lot of ingredients and items, so if your familiar with any of them can you help me out? I planned to mix the apple cider with...

Question: I want bigger boobs !!!?

my boobs are so small and im in highschool and its sad whats something i can do to make my boobs bigger ?

Question: Full coverage, matte foundation?

I'm looking for an oil free, matte, full coverage foundation that will last all day. It absolutely has to be cruelty free, and preferably under $30. Any...

Question: Should I stop wearing collared shirts?

Three months ago I tried to put on a collared shirt and cardigan. My boyfriend told me I look nice in it and he doesn´t mind...

Question: Why did burgundy dye turn my hair black?

My hair was a light reddish brown color. I put Revlon Deep Burgundy on it, left it on for the recommended time, and it turned out black. I...

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