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Question: Using Wordpress to manage projects as a database?

Looking to create an easy database for idea/project management. Could this be done with some tweaking to wordpress and a login wall? Any other thoughts?

Question: A good YouTube username?

So I'm going to be creating a YouTube channel but I need a username. Problem is I can't think of one. My channel will be...

Question: What is wrong with my computer?

I built my desktop about two years ago and keep it fairly clean. A few days ago I decided to do a full cleanout. Took everything apart and...

Question: When can i create the yahoo mail with the name of my deleted yahoo mail?

i have an yahoo mail, its deletd by yahoo because i didn't opened it for along time, and now i could not create the new account with the same name because it tells me this name is not available...

Question: Connecting iBook G4 to Windows 8 using cable?

So I have an old iBook G4 mac laptop and the screen is practically broken off. The computer will still turn on and works, but the screen absolutely...

Question: Why can't my laptop connect to my wifi?

This is probably a stupid question, but why can't my laptop connect to my wifi network? Normally I use my laptop to sign in to my router and set up the password, security, etc. i have set the new...

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