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Question: Macbook pro problems waking from sleep and rebooting.?

My macbook (10.7.5) had problems waking from sleep and would get stuck on a black screen. When I tried to reboot, it would get stuck on a...

Question: Acer S230hl?

I have a Acer S230hl and I play my xbox 360 on it... I bought a hdmi to dvi adapter to help lag input... I usually play on vga cables... When...

Question: Windows 8.1 not reading sd card?

I ran the hardware troubleshooter. It has worked the last 2 times I put in my SD card. Now it's not working. I don't...

Question: I bought a computer with a bluetooth combo networking card and a microsoft bluetooth comfort mouse but it isn't working?

I have all my bluetooth settings enabled and i have tested bluetooth with both the mouse and speakers. Both the mouse and speakers show up when i test it on...

Question: Spilled water on my keyboard?

I spilled water on my usb keyboard luckily it wasn't a laptop but when I tried typing it won't work will it work when it finishes drying?

Question: Duplicate of Program Files(x86)?

So, I downgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 7 recently and kept all my files. The install told me it would go to a folder...

Question: On twitter can someone find out if u posted anonymously?

Can they find out it was you who asked them a question or posted it ??

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