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Question about my nose piercing?

1. My nose piercing. I've had it pierced for about 4 years. It healed within one week and it's been completely fine and healthy and whatnot since. However, I've noticed in the past year that my cartilage seems to be "collapsing" or something. The side (I think it's called the ala?) it's pierced on has become very thin compared to my other side. The other side is naturally thick and rigid like regular cartilage but the pierced side is more lenient and soft. It's all falling down. The bump part(sorry, I don't know the correct terminology for nose parts) is becoming flat.

Question about address bus?

Would switching from aligned to unaligned memory accesses change the required width of the address bus for this system? If so, by how much?
the MIPS architecture. We are looking at the memory system (cache, banked memory, etc)

Query Letter: Commercial Fiction Genre?

Alright, let's say I'm writing a query for an agent. Can I say the genre of my book is commercial fiction? I've seen literary agents list this a a genre on their websites and blogs, but my question is will they accept it as a genre?

Also, could you give me an example of commercial fiction?

Question about excel worksheets?

I have a worksheet and i have one table near the top and another seperate table benteath it. the top one is for calculating cost of fuel for vehicles. the second one is calculating prices of other vehicle costs such as mots etc. I want to format the whole column D on top table as number, but for the second table, column D i want to format as currency.

Question about hair color!?

How do you remove hair color from your hair, and restore it back to what it used to be?

Questions about hip surface piercing?

I just got my hip surface piercing done yesterday.
I went to Splattering Ink in Dubuque Iowa.
First, the piercer didn't ask to see my ID. I told her I was 17.
Then, I told her my dad didn't want me to get it and she told me not to tell him where I got it done if he happened to see it.

She then had a man pierce me instead. He said he had twenty years of piercing experience.
It didn't hurt all that bad when the needle went through. (EVERYTHING WAS STERILE!)
But he couldn't get the bar through because he was using the wrong gauge.

Quick 5.0 MP WebCam with 720P HD Video?

I just ordered the Quick 5.0 MP WebCam with 720P HD Video webcam for my boyfriend, but I just saw a bad review on it. Prior to ordering it, I saw multiple great ones but the bad one says that it's slow and the audio and frame aren't in sync the way they should be. Can someone tell me what to worry about with this webcam? and if I'm displeased with it, can I send it back to Amazon and get another one?

Questions on preventing rust?

Can someone briefly describe the process of painting objects to prevent rust?
What are some advantages and disadvantages of painting (to prevent rusting from happening)?


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