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Question: Getting a hair cut before going to a friend's wedding - WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL???!!?

I've been a licensed hairdresser for 20 years, and I have never been able to figure out what the big deal is for men to get their hair cut before...

Question: How to make a t-shirt?

So I want to learn how to make t-shirts from scratch, but I can't find any classes that offer lessons I'm looking for (they all show how to make...

Question: My girlfriend dyed her hair red today and her roots became orange-yellow. Help?

My girlfriend dyed her brown hair to red and her roots became orange-yellow because she held the dye for a long time (2 hrs)- the rest of her hair is red as she wanted and a little...

Question: How shall I improve my looks (pic of me)?

hi so Im on my little sisters account im 23 and in the pic below and above is my makeup that I wear everyday not the lashes ofcourse I just did that for the purpose of the...

Question: How to deal with spiky hair?

I am a guy and I have spiky hair and everything just stays up. Even when its wet, it still stays up. I can't comb it, the hair just stays there. It doesn't...

Question: Manic panic virgin snow?

So I bleached my hair twice the same night a couple days ago, and I plan on useing virgin snow toner to get rid of the yellow, I don't want it fully white, I just want it...

Question: Which states have the most beautiful women?

From my experience girls from Idaho and Montana are the most beautiful, they have a natural beauty and grew up farm fed so their bodies look amazing...

Question: What trends do you remember?

I am doing a media project on trends such as Loom Bands and Scoobies, what trends do you remember from your childhood?

Question: Is there any way you could 'bleach' your hair without using bleach?

I dont want to ruin my hair. And if you can do it at home. Even better! Because I'm strapped for cash. :/

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