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Question: Its my style?

Question: Help with southern prep dressing?

so i want to dress southern prep but i dont know where to start. any brands or shops i should go to? i need to add in that im a child of a divorce and my mom supports me, my dad is financially...

Question: Does it makes me weird that my face burns when I put lotion? Why does it happen >.<?

Im 11..I have never applied lotion on my face..just arms but not the face, so I tried it yesterday, it suddenly felt cold..and my face starting like...

Question: Help with my tattoo design?

I want to get a tattoo in honor of my grandfather and his service in the Army. Before the military used a person's SSN as a military ID number, the military just...

Question: How to regrow hair naturally?

I am male 22 please help. I hear stuff like egg, oils, and etc. work?

Question: How to be hot and notisable?

Hi I am izzy 13 years old in England and Well I want to be hot and notisable but I am not that confident and I don't know how to get people to look at...

Question: Which Urban Decay Naked palette?

Which naked palette should I purchase? I have: light brown hair blue/green eyes light skin that easily tans Dark eyebrows Some freckles...

Question: Eyecreams!?

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