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Question: How do i get thin hair?

im a redhead with thick hair and i hate it pls help

Question: Clothing Label?

Lets say I wanted to own a clothing brand/line but I don't want to be the actual designer nor do I want to get suppliers.
I know I'd have to...

Question: What field of work do heavily tattooed people go into?

I have noticed so many young people with tons of ink and I can't help but wonder if they are all artists or if employers are not harsh about it anymore...

Question: How to cover scars and a tattoo?

I use to self harm, but I am 2 1/2 years clean and I still have these ugly scars on my arm, I had to get stitches they were so...

Question: What is this brown blob on my skin?

Its not due to sun exposure
And i don't remember it always being here, just...

Question: Dandruff-looking, super tiny jumping bugs in hair..?

What is it? Looks like dandruff but felt them walking and husband confirmed there is something alive up on my head. What should...

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