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Question about Ableton?

My dad is a DJ and he plays at some local clubs and he let me download Ableton on my laptop because he already had it. I've messed around with it a few times but that's it. I don't know much about it. I'm only 13 but I've been involved in several bands already. I'm a locally known guitarist in where I live. A while ago my cousin played Skrillex and some other dubstep artists. Since I have Ableton, and I think that's what Skrillex uses. Couldn't I make dubstep if I put my mind to it?? And where should I start.

Questions about the Sioux...?

I cannot get a straight answer about ANYTHING on the internet so far. My questions are:
1) Are the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota all separate tribes? I've heard people refer to them as the same things, but I also hear they are separate.
2) If so, which one is the biggest tribe? Just saying that the Sioux is the fourth largest tribes doesn't help me, I need to know approximate populations of each.
Detailed answers are welcome!!! Sources would also be nice.

Question about makeup for homecoming?

Hi, my homecoming dress is gold with some gray (mostly gold) and I'm wondering what colors of makeup to wear with it. (ie eyeshadow, blush, ect) My eyes & hair are brown & I'm white (tannish). Any knowledgeable help is greatly appreciated!

Question mark on folder with startup of macbook?

I started up my macbook and it started beeping and then it stopped and opened up to a page that had a folder with a question mark on it. I kept it on a for a little while not knowing what to do and then I turned it off and turned it back on. When I have turned it back on it's working fine.
I need to know how to prevent this problem in the future and make sure whatever is causing it is fixed.
Please help me!

Question about my 2000 Ford Windstar, Swaying back in forth in back.?

i am completely aware of the recall on this vehicle, the rear axle cracks, of corrosion. although times are tough and there's nothing i can do about it at the moment. i was just wondering if it is safe to drive for a little longer like maybe month to 3 months tops. if it is not the axle i think it is the shock, because this car was sitting i think it rusted and wrecked. i think i should be fine as long as i don't go to fast. also whenever i go over bumps it is a loud clanking noise. and the E-brake doesn't work.

Question about Hairstyle's?

What is the style called where the top of your hair is pinned up and the back is in a pony tail??

Please watch the video the girl with the orange dress has the hairstyle I want to copy, what is the style called?

Can you list other styles for long hair for going out?? xx

Question about symbols in Microsoft Outlook?

Is there any way to get symbols (specifically Spanish characters, like accents and tildes) in Microsoft outlook email? I need to use them in an email I am writing but cannot figure out how to do it!


Question about body...10 points!!?

Because of the sport I play, my legs are muscular. is it a turn off to guys ?

Question about Metrolink / Amtrak train tracks?

There are two tracks next to each other that run along southern california, from San Diego to LA. How do you tell which track (facing north, the left or right one) has the trains that go from SD to LA, and which one has the trains that go from LA down to San diego

There website is the schedules are please help

question about gold bond product?

I want to know if gold bond product is good for skin? I am try to find new lotion for my leg after shower because I already use olay, dial, and other product that make my skin itch and dry. I haven't try gold bond yet. Have you try any gold bond product?

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