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Question: Can nurses have tattoos that are visible in the state of West Virginia?

I am about to get into this nursing program when I graduate high school and I'm trying go become an RN and I was wondering if...

Question: What kind of dresses to wear to the club if you're super skinny?

I'm going our for my 21st and I'm a skinny gal. What kind of dresses flatter my body? I'm a size 00 in jeans

Question: Can I use olive oil on my sperrys?

my sperrys are kind of worn and dirty can I oil them with olive oil? cause I heard that you can.

Question: Is there a point to wearing a mattifier if you dont wear makeup?

I was looking at oil free moisturizers with spf and the murad Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15 has the best reviews on...

Question: Best thing to slick hair back?

Hi, so I'm a cadet and female. So when in uniform we have to wear our hair in a bun.but I always have extra hair that sticks out, and Bobby pins don't get...

Question: Upper lip waxing questions?

Hi ok so like on my upper lip there's some hairs but there's kinda like a shadow. It really brings me down and I always cover my mouth. I've threaded...

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