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Question: Photo editing apps?

Is there an app for iPhones were you can make like your books or objects float??

Question: I have a netgear Router and after changing printers it now has issues with my iphone4s?

I changed my printer but i don't think i messed with anything with the router at all but I had to restore the factory settings since it wasn't working...

Question: $19/month dedicated server? Should I trust this site?

Ok guys, I'm looking for a dedicated server to host my visichat site. I found this site on Google, and they sell dedicated server for...

Question: How do I update my itunes library after reorganizing/deleting song files?

I just went through and cleaned up some messy files on my computer, which included reorganizing just about all of my music. While I was at...

Question: Graphics Card causing BSOD?

Hello, my pc is getting a BSOD. I was playing a game and playing music on the browser. When suddenly, the music started to lag...

Question: My spyware scan just detected trojan.agent/generic, I will delete it after it's done scanning, what does it do exactly?

I read on a forum that this kind of trojan can get confidential info and make your computer slow, but I haven't noticed any damages except my dns server randomly changed the other day...

Question: Macbook pro problems waking from sleep and rebooting.?

My macbook (10.7.5) had problems waking from sleep and would get stuck on a black screen. When I tried to reboot, it would get stuck on a...

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