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Question: Where to buy small containers in Manhattan NY?

Hello all,
I am working on a project and am needing to buy small containers, much like aluminum jars you would put lip balm in. Also...

Question: I'm a natural blonde with dyed red hair. Can I go back?

My hair is LONG, like, almost to the small of my back and all this hair dye is getting expensive. I want to go back to blonde but I don't want to use bleach on...

Question: LADIES! Homecoming outfit ideas?

I have a homecoming coming up, it's a semi-formal event. I have NO idea what kind of dress to wear. I don't want to wear something that's too much, and I don't want to look too...

Question: I have to take my plugs/guages out for my school and by the end of the day my holes shrink?

So i have to tske my plugs out for school and at the end of the day i try to put them back in but it doesnt fit so i have to take a taper to school and dry stretch my ears every day...

Question: I really want to buy red colored contact lenses ( as cheap as posible)?

I really want to but red color lenses. does anyone know a good site? I am from Holland (The Netherlands) so they have to ship worldwide
(sorry for the...

Question: Best cologne for me?

We have summer holidays coming up now and im looking for n good cologne. I am a student so dont want anything that would smell like an old guy.Something to use to...

Question: Re-straightening already straightened hair?

I got hair straightening done 9 months ago,and now it was not that straight as before,and also I have new hair growth.i exactly don't remember which...

Question: Outfit ideas?

14 year old girl.

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