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Question: Where can I buy 7ftx7ft drawing paper?

I'm doing a project and need 7ft X 7ft drawing paper and don't know where to buy it

Question: Help name this young adventurer?

She's part of a group of adventurers that travel the world by ship. She's the first mate. She's a very pleasant, yet childlike and often dismissed person...

Question: How to become a model?

I want to become a model but I don't know what agency to go to or how to even get started.

Question: Name of a book please?

In this book, the first story is about a cursed flute or something like it. When people play it, a lizard monster thing comes and kills them and anyone else...

Question: How can I contact the writer of the creepypasta This is important, since I am making this my final project for film school.?

I also want to know if this is the kind of story that the writer intended to be just a mysterious legend and let people do as they please with it. Not sure about that though, since I've only...

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