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Question: Acer S230hl?

I have a Acer S230hl and I play my xbox 360 on it... I bought a hdmi to dvi adapter to help lag input... I usually play on vga cables... When...

Question: Windows 8.1 not reading sd card?

I ran the hardware troubleshooter. It has worked the last 2 times I put in my SD card. Now it's not working. I don't...

Question: I bought a computer with a bluetooth combo networking card and a microsoft bluetooth comfort mouse but it isn't working?

I have all my bluetooth settings enabled and i have tested bluetooth with both the mouse and speakers. Both the mouse and speakers show up when i test it on...

Question: Spilled water on my keyboard?

I spilled water on my usb keyboard luckily it wasn't a laptop but when I tried typing it won't work will it work when it finishes drying?

Question: Duplicate of Program Files(x86)?

So, I downgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 7 recently and kept all my files. The install told me it would go to a folder...

Question: On twitter can someone find out if u posted anonymously?

Can they find out it was you who asked them a question or posted it ??

Question: Can I get feedback on this dark fantasy story idea?

It'd be a YA novel, and the genre could be defined as dark fantasy though it's probably better aligned with paranormal. The main character is Ezra...

Question: Can I get feedback on this dark fantasy story idea?

It'd be a YA novel, and the genre could be defined as dark fantasy though it's probably better aligned with paranormal. The main character is Ezra...

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      Andy Anderson, Morris Symonds, Bryan Weir and Anthony Bell put their properties up for sale.
    • Without Grace and Nancy, hearing would have been a charade
      Methinks we can all agree that it was no less than the legislative department’s constitutional mandate over the budget—otherwise called the “power of the purse”—that was very clearly violated and usurped by the executive department through the much ballyhooed Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP). “But senators fail to ask hard questions at hearing,” (Front Page, 7/25/14) [...]
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      Welcome to the discussion.
    • 1997 Ford Thunderbird Reviews - Page 7 of 11
      Have problems with the moon roof not popping up all the way. In addition, it sticks in the open position from time to time. The brake rotors constantly are warping causing vibration during braking. I'm on my third set of front rotors.
    • Former Kinston mayor Simon Sitterson dies
      Published: Friday, August 22, 2014 at 07:25 PM. Simon Sitterson, mayor of Kinston for 18 years, died Friday at Magnolia Cottage Care. He was 97.
    • OFWs Take Risks In Libya
      FLEEING LIBYA – A group of Egyptians prepare to board a bus at the border crossing of Ras Jdir to take them to the Jerba airport in Tunisia. The Egyptians are among several nationalities fleeing Libya after chaos broke out threatening the safety of both Libyans and foreign nationals.
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      WEST ORANGE, N.J. -- Lincoln Educational Services Corporation ("Lincoln") today reported a second quarter loss that was better than its previously issued guidance. Lincoln also provided guidance ...
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      With the first week of school in the books and the weekend approaching, it is important to be aware of the different transportation options available to Gators. Student Government understands the need for students to travel safely and conveniently, especially at nighttime.
    • ‘Downers’ on PH’s sea claims
      The Philippines has gained much publicity and international support for its position vis-à-vis China in the ongoing maritime disputes over shoals, reefs and islets in the South China Sea. Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario himself was in Brussels not long ago to present the Philippine case before a European audience. And last July 30, European [...]
    • PNoy blasts early campaigning
      Tuao, Cagayan – President Aquino yesterday slammed some politicians for engaging in premature campaigning for the 2016 national elections, calling on them instead to focus on helping address the country’s current problems. He rebuked politicians who already shifted to campaign mode even though the elections are more than a year away after inaugurating a bridge partly funded by the Disbursement ...
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