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Question: Cover FX foundation question?

A worker at sephora told me that Cover FX was perfect for oily skin, however, many people claim otherwise. Has anyone used this foundation, or know of other...

Question: White Line on nose. Please help!!!!!!?

I have this white line going down my nose. I've looked it up, and apparently it's cause I push my nose up too much. I stopped that like months ago and it...

Question: Laser tattoo removal?

I am interested in getting my tattoo removed but I have a few questions idk if anyone would know the answers to them but any help is...

Question: Nipple piercings!!!?

I got both my nipples pierced in June.I have pretty large breasts (g cup) and my nipples were inverted before i...

Question: Not sure if this is okay?

So I have my first day of school tomorrow & I wanted to wear long skinny jeans & a short sleeve with flats. But it's suppose to be 81 as a high and I don't...

Question: Do I have a good variety of jeans?

I've got red, dark wash, black, designer,and some faded ones with patches and doodles.

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