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I have a 1997 1.4L VW GOLF MK3.. And I was replacing the speakers when I took the door panel off I...

Question: 1995 S10 4.3L stalling and idling issues?

I have a 95 S10 4.3L, when I start the truck I hear the fuel pump, it starts up with ease and runs. But a minute or two after running the rpm's will...

Question: HELP ME WIRE MY SUBS (what gauge)?

Im working on adding some bass to my 08 silverado and heres what i got so far
A 10 inch kicker comp sub in a ported box
A 400w dual amplifier...

Question: Are Volkswagen Beetle parts expensive?

I want to buy a vw beetle 2000-2006 but everybody says the parts are expensive . I would really love someone's opinion who has had one. Thank you

Question: I was in an car accident other side ran a red light and hit my car in the middle of intersection.?

He came so fast that that by the time i saw him there was nothing I can do. He was on a 4 lane street with a center island and i was coming...

Question: Air only blows out of defroster? (Jeep)?

I just bought a Jeep G.C., and the air only blows out of the defroster. My husband is currently overseas, but if it is something I could possibly...

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