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Question: Hot roots in hair?

I dye my hair dark brown. The roots turns out looking light brown in the sun. It looks okay indoors but when light hit it. The top of my...

Question: Suggestions for cheap jewelry at a store like target that could go with this dress for homecoming?

If you could send exact links of the jewelry on the target website (necklace, earrings, maybe some rings or a bracelet) that'd be great :)

here's the dress:

Question: So does all body hair (dark ones) fall off and regrow? are do only certain ones fall off?

so i read about anagen,telogen,catagen (not sure if spellings correct) so does that mean ALL body hair gets replaced or what

Question: Where can I get my hair done like this!?!?

Where is a good salon in Annapolis that i could get this done to my hair. I edited the color of my hair on a photoshop site and i really want a light purple...

Question: What to do if you use a body scrub on your face?

So my sister used a harsh body scrub on her face and its her graduation tomorrow...
Is there anything she can do to prevent it going red and blotchy???

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