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Question: How do I make a pic inside?

How do I make a picture inside a picture inside a picture and so on? I think it involves mirrors but I don't know

Question: Which guitar solo is the hardest?

Which of these is the hardest to learn Slash-godfather solo Slash-sweet child o mine main solo Lynard Skynard-free bird solo Ac...

Question: Comedy Novels and Short Stories?

I want to find some funny fiction. Novels and short stories in particular. I would REALLY like to know some short stories, because I would like to read them...

Question: A character who undergoes personal growth? in literary terms?

A. monologue B. point of greatest tension C. harmartia D. 14 line poem of iambic pentameter E. two lines of poetry with end rhyme F. aside G...

Question: If I Stay by Gayle Forman?

Ok. I saw the trailer and I really want to read this book. But I am so sick of books that have sad endings (the fault in our stars/ allegiant; for example...

Question: Ware can i post pic's of my anime and get good and bad feed back for free?

i love to draw but I don't no any one who can give good feed back. so I am looking for a website to post my drawings for free. and my be learn something.

Question: Metaphors” by Sylvia Plath is an example of?.?

Metaphors” by Sylvia Plath is an example of 1. apostrophes 2. similes 3. metaphors 4. An epic 5. All of the above

Question: Websites where they sell cheap text books for college?

I am looking for a text book on psychotherapy and psychology. First year beginner level to be exact. So is there any website where I can find cheap, affordable text books and...

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