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Question: Hot roots in hair?

I dye my hair dark brown. The roots turns out looking light brown in the sun. It looks okay indoors but when light hit it. The top of my...

Question: Suggestions for cheap jewelry at a store like target that could go with this dress for homecoming?

If you could send exact links of the jewelry on the target website (necklace, earrings, maybe some rings or a bracelet) that'd be great :)

here's the dress:

Question: So does all body hair (dark ones) fall off and regrow? are do only certain ones fall off?

so i read about anagen,telogen,catagen (not sure if spellings correct) so does that mean ALL body hair gets replaced or what

Question: Where can I get my hair done like this!?!?

Where is a good salon in Annapolis that i could get this done to my hair. I edited the color of my hair on a photoshop site and i really want a light purple...

Question: What to do if you use a body scrub on your face?

So my sister used a harsh body scrub on her face and its her graduation tomorrow...
Is there anything she can do to prevent it going red and blotchy???

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        Gainesville residents now have the option of reporting non-emergency incidents to Gainesville Police online rather than by phone.
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        Tagbilaran City, Bohol – The bells at the St. Joseph Cathedral in Tagbilaran City rang for 33 seconds at exactly 8:12 a.m. yesterday. Outside the church, sirens of police cars and ambulances were turned on for exactly the same number of seconds. On the same day last year, Boholanos woke up to the shaking of grounds when the 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck the province. The horror brought about ...
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        The dramatic how-to videos of the ‘90s, such as a McDonald’s training video and a 1997 instructional video “How to Have Cybersex on the Internet,” will come alive this weekend.
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        Area hospitals have teamed up with the Alachua County Fire Rescue to update wireless routers in ambulances, making communication between dispatched vehicles and hospitals more efficient.
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