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Question about bed head/ Tigi product?

I heard a lot of awesome review of bed head and tigi product. I am thinking of try one of their leave in conditioner which is ego boost. I am wonder if you use bed head or tigi in the past or currently using one. Are they good to use? I try some drug store product and most of them didn't good for my hair. I have long naturally wavy hair and don't use the heat very much. I already try fekkai and redken and they are okay. Should I try bedhead product?

Quick cam not working for windows 7?

My Logitech Quick Cam is not working for my computer. I have windows 7.. It says "could not instal device properly" or some crap. I have this problem before. And its just making me mad now. I don't have the CD. Someone please help me.. Much appreciated

Quick Easy Cute Hairstyles for Medium Hair?

Okay I JUST broke my praise straightener and that's all I ever did with my hair. After i broke it i began using mousse in my hair but i decided i need to do something different. My hair is only a little past my shoulder so I can't braid it. I need QUICK easy hairstyles that take less then under... lets say 10 minutes.If you can help that would be AMAZING!!! If you have pictures I could also see or even a site that you like That would be helpful!! Thanks!!!

Question about tagging on facebook!? PLEASE HELP!?

OMG. my mom just tagged a photo of me sleeping, and with the new facebook i was wondering if people could see that if i didnt confirm the tag on my wall. omg. im gonna die. that bitch. pleasee help im crying..

question about the wireless adaptors on a laptop?

everytime i turn on my laptop ( fujitsu siemens amilo ) i have to press my wireless adaptor on by the button is there a way for it to enable this to switch on automatically without me having to switch it on everytime i turn the laptop on??. My other laptop does it automatically this is a Acer Aspire 5315

question about a router for ps3?

i would like to know is the Belkin F5D8235-4 300 Mbps 4-Port GIGABYTE Wireless N Router good for a ps3 wireless not connected by cords. i mean will i have moderate or open nat type on black ops and nat type 1 on ps3

Question for the Subaru guys. Brake question?

I just bought my first Subaru. It's a 1994 Legacy wagon i bought for my winter transportation.
The brake lines on the rear are shot.........I removed ALL the lines up to where they come inside the passenger cabin under the rear seat,.....I plan on splicing the lines here.

Question about Othello?

How does Shakespeare show the reader/audience that Iago is the antagonist in Act 1 Scene 1..?

I've been given this as work, but I don't understand it.. :S

Any chance anyone can give me a few hints or examples..?


Question about nose rings?

I'm getting my nose pierced soon and I wanna why some nose rings are snug to your nose and some look big and they stick out. Does it depend on where and what angle the piercer pierces your nose, or is it just the size of the jewelry?

Questions for book writing?

Before hand, I'd like to inform those, whom decide to answer this question; I am a fourteen year old girl interested in writing a book, but have a few questions. Also, I may be young, but have been told by numerous amounts of readers, who have read some of my stories, I've got talent. Been writing for two years and interested in book/novel writing for a while.

1.) Preface, prologue, epilogue? I know what they are, and their definitions, but how do you tie them into the story?

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