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rainbow looms,designs?

Does anyone know any good rainbow loom designs? Plz tell me plz plz plz thank you for the anwsers

Relocating from California to Washington HELP?

I am from California, born and raised in the Bay Area. I currently live in San Jose which is the heart of Silicon Valley, which is the heart of everything expensive. I am seriously considering moving to Seattle, not necessarily the actual city of Seattle but the general area. I would just like to get a comparison of the two states or even cities (San Jose and Seattle) . I don't want input on the weather, I don't care how much it rains and blah blah blah. I am just honestly trying to figure out how much gas is in Seattle compared to San Jose.

Rook Piercing about 4 weeks ago?

I know a rook piercing takes a while to heal and it has been almost a month since ive got it done. But i want to know if there is anything i could do to get the swelling down. There's no more pain except when i hit it or move it a lot, theres a tiny amount of discharge(not enough to be an infection) its mainly crust around it but not much, and its not really red just a little, but it is still swollen. What can i do to make the swelling go down?

Restating my question how to cool my cpu?

i have a hp probook 4520s i cleaned it and fan acts normal . But i noticed when i play runescape my laptop has surpassed the requirments and my laptop rises 50 degrees in the cpu and shuts down. But when i play im a cold room its normal and doesnt overheat and shut off. A cooling fan wont work it has no vents under it. Keep in mind my friend has a laptop from 2007 and runs the game in hd like nothing

Radio on new car deck will not pick up any stations?

I just bought a brand new dual xdma460 from Walmart and installed it into my 2000 Mazda Protoge (had working radio). I bought a wire harness and correctly matched the wires with the decks corresponding wires. I used electrical tape and ensured that no wires were exposed and did the same to the wires i did not use. I will double check again today to make sure there isn't anything I missed. I then connected the radio wire into the deck making sure it was on all the way. I turned on the car and the deck turned on fine.

Returning to work after new years?("thursday" blues?)?

Mainly asking blue collar workers but applies to anyone with a job. After all the holidays are finished and you return to work, do you feel as though you are not as productive on the first day and tend to be slower/make more mistakes?

I ask because I have my cambelt booked in at a garage as my car is at 75k miles and feel as though it is a ticking time bomb unless I get it changed asap. It is booked in for the 2nd Jan which is when the garage re-opens, but now I'm worried that the job may not be completed to the same quality of standard that it should be.

rosebush scarlet letter?

what was the purpose of the rosebush in the scarlet letter besides symbolizing hester's sin? what is the message of the rosebush?

Rate dancing ability?

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