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Recommendations for mature teenage reading?

I haven't been able to enjoy young adult books for a few months now and just figured out that I want to start reading more mature books.
Most of the YA books I've been reading are romance ie. perfect chemistry, matched ect. I enjoyed Perfect Chemistry because it was quite mature but I didn't like the sequal as much because it didn't seem very realistic and seemed to be faking maturity a little.

I read The Weight of Silence a couple of months ago and really enjoyed reading it, I'm now reading Heather Gudenkauf's latest book, These Things Hidden and I'm really liking it too.

Reekie modern artist?

Reece Mastin -The X Factor Kid Need Help!?

Guy off x factor Australia, just want to know a few things, how does he get his hair like that and what products would he be using? What brands of clothes does he wear? And what's that thing on side of his hair that is in he's hair?

Thank you!

Redying professional bleach with store bought?

I had my hair bleached a few times, and its still pretty healthy. This was over a month ago so now there is around an inch of brown regrowth. My sister is a hairdresser and she is the one who did it but she is busy for the next 3 weekends & i don't have the money to go to the salon again. So the question is:
If i do the roots myself will i have to do all of my hair to prevent it being 2 different colours?
As in, so the top isn't a dark blonde and the rest nearly white, or do i only colour the roots?
I have dyed my hair myself before & it turned out fine.

recommendations for architect student buying a new desktop?

looking for a computer that can run cad and 3dmax without lag.

i5 2400 or i7-2600? is the processor more important than the amount of ghz? i saw a few i7-2600 processors that were lower in ghz than the i5.

what else should i look at?


Recover Excel VBA Project Password?

I have an excel file including a macro; but it asks for a password to see the codes. Is there anybody who can find or reset this password?
It's very important for me since the friend who made this macro has left the work and didnt share its password :(
I appreciate all your help beforehand

real or fake,

I am seeing pretty good sales prices and such and was wondering is it legit? not working?

I tried to go on today and it did not load. Any suggestions? Is it like this for everyone or just me? My account got banned awhile ago so I haven't been able to log on but I was going to try and fix that or create a new account, but the website won't even load? Did rootzoo get shutdown or is my computer just being annoying?

removing rear view mirror 2005 Lincoln Aviator?

need to remove rear view mirror on 2005 Lincoln Aviator

Relaxer burn is making my head moist?

okay so I went to the salon to get my hair relaxed and cut. I had a lot of breakage in the back and it was spreading so that's why I had to get it cut. Also I had my relaxed because it's been months since I last relaxed and it burned really bad when the lady was relaxing it. It burned really bad in the back. So my question is since the relaxer burned me so bad in the back my scalp has been really moist and sticky just in the bad especially at night when I'm sleeping. My pillow is like wet because of it.

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