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Turbo/supercharger on my 1.5 luxline honda?

I am in sa and have n honda balade with an 1.5 luxline motor....I want to make it just a little bit faster...tried toulene in he tank but don't really feal the difference....I want to put a turbo on but want to make it work like n supercharger if you know what I meam....I only want something like .5 or .6 of boost do you think this could work and do I have to change pistons or something????help plz I'm confused

Thoughts on The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho?

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Thoughts on my poem, please?

Hey! This was just something I quickly jotted down... After how I feel. Any thoughts? I know it's not great, or anything near, but it was just how I felt... Sigh. What do you think?

As time goes by,
I'm wondering if I'll get a passing hi.
Sitting here, sad,
I cry alone, knowing she's still mad.
I bow my head,
I miss her, I wish we could cuddle in bed.
Will she come?
I can't take it, her love, I need some.
But time continues on by,
Still no sign, but I know, I know she needs to fly.
I miss her, I love her. Come back, my love.

The best way to go blonde?

Well, I'm 13, and have died my hair a couple of times. My natural colour is a medium blonde, but currently, I am a medium brown with blonde tips. I really miss my blonde and regret dying it, the brown keeps growing out and the blonde is coming through. I want to go back blonde so I wi not need to keep dying it. What's the best way?

Toyota Celica won't rev past 3000RPM?

I have recently topped the oil up in my Toyota Celica 2001 as it was getting low, at first i put a little to much in, but I have drained it to the correct level. I turned my car on to find the yellow engine light has turned on.

After taking it for a little drive I realized that the car wont make it past 3000 revs it just bounces straight back down,

Does anyone have any suggestions?


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