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Turbo/supercharger on my 1.5 luxline honda?

I am in sa and have n honda balade with an 1.5 luxline motor....I want to make it just a little bit faster...tried toulene in he tank but don't really feal the difference....I want to put a turbo on but want to make it work like n supercharger if you know what I meam....I only want something like .5 or .6 of boost do you think this could work and do I have to change pistons or something????help plz I'm confused

Thoughts on The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho?

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Thoughts on my poem, please?

Hey! This was just something I quickly jotted down... After how I feel. Any thoughts? I know it's not great, or anything near, but it was just how I felt... Sigh. What do you think?

As time goes by,
I'm wondering if I'll get a passing hi.
Sitting here, sad,
I cry alone, knowing she's still mad.
I bow my head,
I miss her, I wish we could cuddle in bed.
Will she come?
I can't take it, her love, I need some.
But time continues on by,
Still no sign, but I know, I know she needs to fly.
I miss her, I love her. Come back, my love.

The best way to go blonde?

Well, I'm 13, and have died my hair a couple of times. My natural colour is a medium blonde, but currently, I am a medium brown with blonde tips. I really miss my blonde and regret dying it, the brown keeps growing out and the blonde is coming through. I want to go back blonde so I wi not need to keep dying it. What's the best way?

Toyota Celica won't rev past 3000RPM?

I have recently topped the oil up in my Toyota Celica 2001 as it was getting low, at first i put a little to much in, but I have drained it to the correct level. I turned my car on to find the yellow engine light has turned on.

After taking it for a little drive I realized that the car wont make it past 3000 revs it just bounces straight back down,

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Trying to get my writing noticed?

How? I run a blog and post experimental prose and poems, but mostly poems. It gets little traffic.

I've talked to my English teacher who says that I have talent, but really, if I had talent, wouldn't my writing have already been noticed? I'm just 16.

Can I get some tips from other writers on how to get noticed? Was it hard for you to get noticed as well?

The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling...Thoughts?

I've downloaded it in the internet free and read it. Its so unsettling and disturbing that J.K. really wrote that book. And she listens to Rihanna??? i'm like, FTW! Still, a great read. Any thoughts guys? What do you think about the book? its soo tragic to me.

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