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You imagined that you traveled with a merchant.?

You imagined that you traveled with a merchant. Write a short story detailing your adventure, explaining the logic behind the choices you made.

Youtube monetization ever expire?

Do youtube monetization expire if i dont go for it?
Channel :::

Your opinion and advice please?

I would like your opinion on a story I am writing. I'm not going to tell you the plot or anything about it, but I know that you need details to go on. I will explain it in a completely different plot, so please realize this isn't my actual story.
Let's say that a girl got exepted into a race. It's rare and only very few people get exepted. I want another person to be her rival and compete against her.

Youtube Channel Name?

I am starting a youtube channel to upload some Gaming Lets Plays like Minecraft, Terreria and some Indie Games, a few vlogs of life in College ect. But I am stuck on my username; the one I wanted to go with "SGFanatic" is taken, and everywhere I read says you should have a short, snappy name so that people will be more likely to check out your channel.

I have one other idea, but I dont know if it is any good or not, UnevenRanger or something to that effect, I got the idea from my randomly generated Xbox live account's name.

Youth out there account?

How do you get an account for youth out there at www.theyot.

Youtube My channel!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?

Ok so like I just got a youtube channel and I have one video I would like yall to sub like add me and fav if you think I can sing please dont be a rude dick about it PLEASE AND THANK YOUU!

YouTube Partner questions?

I want to become a Youtube partner. I get a lot of subscribers a week, and my videos are starting to become really popular. If I become a partner, what would be some benefits of it?

yes to makeup or no to makeup? 10 points best answer?

at what age would you stop wearing makeup? 10 points best answer?
why that age?
why are so many teenages/ early adult's so dependent on makeup, why cant they be confident in their own skin?

like i am 17, and dont wear makeup, but when i do i feel so weird and everything. whereas my other friends been wearing it since age 14/15 and are not confident to be seen without it ?

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