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      • When Rockets collide
        The Titusville Rockets went head-to-head with the Slippery Rock Rockets, Friday. The Brown and Gold were under the Carter Field lights for the first time of the 2014 season, on a perfect evening for football. To see how Titusville fared, turn to Sports, page 8.
      • Front Page 8/29/2014
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      • Front Page 8/27/2014
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      • Front Page 8/26/2014
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      • Front Page 8/25/14
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      • Study: Teachers rose to MTB-MLE challenge
        We are writing to correct an impression readers may have gained from the article “Language-in-education row: A ‘bibingka’ solution” (Front Page, 8/20/14).
      • Front Page 8/28/2014
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      • Disappointed with Bernas’ view on Charter change
        I am disappointed that our “constitution guru,” Fr. Joaquin Bernas, SJ, “disapproved of changing the presidential term limit and advised Mr. Aquino to retire after serving his six-year term” (“Bernas tells P-Noy to retire, give Santiago a chance,” Front Page, 8/28/14).
      • Site Last Updated 1:36 am, Sunday
        I have read with interest your news story highlighting the problem faced by a resident of Laman Bong Chin, Off Rock Road, which was published on page 8, 24 August, 2014, entitled ‘Residents upset part of access road taken up by developer’s retaining wall’.
      • Pac-12 morning links
        Come son of Jor-El. Kneel before Zod. Snootchie boochies! Leading off It's depth chart Wednesday! There are four teams on bye this week -- Arizona State, Stanford, UCLA and USC -- so we won't update them until next week. Here are the updated depth charts for the other eight. Arizona California Colorado Oregon (page 8 of the game notes) Oregon State (page 19 of the game notes) Utah (page 10 of ...
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