Question: Are there any good websites and/or apps to design clothes from scratch?

Besides style studio, are there any other good websites to do it from SCRATCH not like just design a shirt or something...

Question: Shaving the bikini line?

Hello I'm a teen & it's summer so I obviously need to get rid of bikini line hair. I exfoliate, put on sensitive skin shaving cream, then shave with a razor with three blades...

Question: Is it true that your hair can change colour from the sun?

Hey im a girl brown hair on the lighter side of brown hair just a bit longer than my shoulders :)

Question: What is my skin tone? Please help?

I need help on my skin tone for years I've been trying to figure out but was to difficult. In the morning my skin is dry but throughout the day my...

Question: Went swimming, green hair!!?

Okay so I was at my friends pool and we were swimming and I was in the pool for 2-3 hrs. I got out and saw my hair was...

Question: Did I stretch my ear lobes to fast?

Hey(: three days ago, I stretched right to a size 4 tapper. (My first time stretching) The thing is, it didn't hurt that badly. And it doesn...

Question: Rook earring?

So I know you could get a curved barbell and round barbell, but I went and bought some earrings today from Spencers and after I had...

Question: I feel fat when I'm super skinny?

So I'm 17 and I am 104 pounds. A lot of people told me I am so skinny, but I don't feel that skinny. In fact, at times...

Question: Im 16, will my tattoos grow out and look ugly?

will my chest,back, and sleeve tattoos not look like they do now; a few years later?

Question: What to wear with jordan slippers?

My friend gave me his old white one, and i took it because free slippers. But i have no idea what to wear with it, can anyone help?

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