where can teens find classy clothes for a place like paris in the summer?

I would like to know where I can find clothes for teens for paris and mexico. Paris is the priority though. I don't really know where to shop. Thanks for your help!

I'm searching for affordable wigs online with cheap or free shipping?

I've been searching online for a while now for sites that have affordable wigs with low shipping rates but most stores I find have very low reviews and are likely to be scams.
Are there any affordable sites in which I can buy a wig from?
(If it helps, the wig color preference is purple as it is for a convention I am heading to within the summer.)
Site suggestions and possible links would be great, thank you.

Concealer/Makeup question !?

What is the best concealer for acne marks- scars ? I have redness in both of my cheeks .. It really bothers me I can't really look at people in the eye because I feel like they're just staring at my acne marks/ scars.. I have oily-dry skin not to dry but kinda.. All I wear is a CC cream and an elf stick concealer .. It works but it doesn't really cover my redness.. Can I put green concealer on then my CC cream or do I need a powder?

Which of these Jordan's should I get?

Can't decide but these are my colors I like usually

Black red n grey

Black and black

Definitely want these for jeans and for wearing with some shorts with summer coming

how to persaude my mum a size 10 is ideal for me?

im a uk size 12/14, closer to a 12. i really want to be a size 10, preferrably size 8/10, but my mum thinks i look too skinny at a size 10. i think it's an ideal size for me. im not that tall; im 5"6.5- 5"7. my mum thinks a size 10/12 will suit me better. i used to be a size 8/10 and i miss being skinny. how can i persaude my mum that size 10 is a good size and not too skinny and that im not that tall. im worried that she'll try to stop me and overreact and make me see a shrink or put fat in my food. im 22 so not a teen.

Tongue piercings?

I'm 18 and am thinking about getting my tongue pierced but I have some questions first. How much does it hurt? How long is the procedure? What exactly is the procedure? How much does it usually cost?

Cute hairstyles for long hair?

When I say long, I mean, my hair is about two/three inches below my shoulders. I was wondering, are there any really super cute hairstyles for that? If they were easy and only required hairspray or hair gel that'd be nice!

They don't have to be hyper fancy, but it'd be nice if they weren't just casual, because I'm going to an event with my brother, and it's a bit formal. :)

Thank you!

Do you think you look worse with facial hair?

I think i look worse with facial hair anyone like that?

Custom music tattoo? 10 pts best answer :)?

So I am your definition of the music-performing arts freak. LOL. Music is MY LIFE (been in choir since 7 years old, in theater since 5) I was wondering, what is a tattoo I can get that correlates with music? I LOVE the treble clef Idea, and the eighth note ideas but the problem is, is that they're extremely overused. I was thinking of the songbird, a black bird with red notes coming out of it's mouth or something?

So question 1 is- What is a good idea for this tattoo? Please be creative, cause I'm hopeless

Question 2- Where is a good placement?

why is this guy saying this?


March 17, 2014 at 9:11am

I know u tired of the lies and you tired of the games, one day your in the picture but the next your out the frame..

I know that times get rough when you just had enough,when your world is upside down while your heart is feeling crushed.

I know how it feels, i know that it burns, when u dont know who to trust and u dont know were to turn.

So i wont promise the world, others have n made you cry, no one can make that pain up to you but if you give me a chance i would like to try.

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