Question: Can someone explain to me what 'line works' is?

Ok... So on Facebook I see all these 'Facebook famous' people who love taking pictures with money. I'm not talking about...

Question: How Do I Get Back Into My Facebook.?

I Am 14. ( Facebook age requires 13 & up ) So im not underage. I have my legit name & date of birth on there. But recently ive been...

Question: How can i look at my old Myspace pictures?

i want to be able to look at my old Myspace pictures but i can't because my Myspce is private, and i dont remember my old email and password. So...

Question: Pressing CDs/DVD. . .?

What trype of printer would I use for printing.posters, flyers, CD/DVD covers and so forth? Where would I buy them...

Question: Where can I get free gift cards?

What are some sites I can use to earn free gift cards? :)

Question: How do I tag someone in an ask on Tumblr?

Someone's sent me an ask and I want to tag them in the reply so they see I've answered. How do I do this??

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